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Yong Qin, Yuyan Luo, Yuqing Zhao and Jin Zhang

growth and showed that: GDP is the reason that affects domestic tourism income, but domestic tourism income has little effect on GDP [ 7 ]. As a quantitative literature research method, meta-analysis is quite different from the traditional literature review. Meta-analysis is a literature review of higher-level logical forms. It uses the original research results as a unit, and the design is more rigorous. It emphasizes a comprehensive literature search on relevant research, and has a clear criterion for document inclusion and exclusion, systematically considering the

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Feng Jian and Shi Dandan

networks, presented search method of information resources with combination of preferential attachment mechanism and interest attenuation mechanism in rumors dissemination. 4.4 Other models Not confined to the traditional theory of complex networks, from application-specific characteristics of P2P networks, the literature [ 25 ] tried to build an appropriate statistical model to analyze the statistics features of user behavior and its impact. Using number of shared files owned by the user as the main parameter, the model characterizes evolutionary process

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M. Rosa and M. L Gandarias

-trivial conservation laws. After Ibragimov’s results several papers appeared concerned with self-adjointness and its applications to PDEs [ 24 , 25 ]. In this work, we derive conservation laws by using the direct method of the multipliers [ 4 ]. Furthermore, due to the fact that equation (1) admits groups of space and time traslations, we look for travelling wave solutions of the density dependent reaction-diffusion equation (1) with physical interest. In order to do that we apply the well known G ′ G $\begin{array}{} \displaystyle \frac{G'}{G} \end{array}$ -expansion

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Jaume Llibre and Xiang Zhang

-dimensional Hamiltonian systems with polynomial potential Phys. Lett. A 96 1983 273 278 [10] J. Hietarinta, Direct methods for the search of the second invariant , Phys. Rep. 147 (1987), 87–154. Hietarinta J. Direct methods for the search of the second invariant Phys. Rep. 147 1987 87 154 [11] J. Llibre, A. Mahdi and C. Valls, Analytic integrability of Hamiltonian systems with homogeneous polynomial potential of degree 4, J. Math. Phys. 52 (2011), 012702-pp 9. Llibre J. Mahdi A. Valls C. Analytic integrability of Hamiltonian systems with homogeneous polynomial potential of

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Piotr Srokosz, Ireneusz Dyka and Marcin Bujko

degradation of the tested material. Figure 10 Results of TS analysis – sample S3057. Another suggestion of an alternative method of interpreting the results of TS tests is the back analysis of the τ ( γ ) relation in the first quarter of the hysteresis loop. This method finds particular application in the process of calibration of constitutive laws implemented in Finite Element Method based calculation applications. The authors have their own application that works with the MatLab system and enables automated search for explicit and discrete G ( γ

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Leonid Bunimovich, Dallas Smith and Benjamin Webb

. In this paper we describe the theory of isospectral network reductions. This is a method that allows us the ability to reduce a network while preserving the large majority of the network’s spectral structure , i.e. the eigenvalues and eigenvectors associated with the network. This method also preserves the structural features of the network in that the paths and cycles of the original network are compressed into smaller paths and cycles, respectively, to create the reduced network. The reason we choose to maintain the spectral structure of a network is that a

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M. K. Ammar, M. R. Amin and M.H.M. Hassan

-order polynomials to construct functions that represent the restricted parameters (range, azimuth, and elevation) versus time for an oblate Earth. It can produce these functions from either uniform or arbitrarily spaced data points. The viewing times are obtained by extracting the real roots of localized quantic. Palmar [ 6 ], introduced a new method to predict the passes of satellite to a specific target on the ground which is useful for solving the satellite visibility problem. he firstly described a coarse search phase of this method including two-body motion, secular

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Carlos R. Fernández-Pousa

perfect autocorrelation (1) allows for its decorrelation in noisy environments. This fact has been extensively employed in pulse-compression radar, and in frame synchronization, channel equalization and estimation, and cell search in wireless communication systems [ 4 , 5 , 6 ]. Finally, property (2) permits the design of coded waveforms with uniform spectrum, with application as direct-sequence spread-spectrum codes or acoustic diffusers [ 7 ]. In these applications, the generation of coded waveforms typically uses a two-step method, where the sequence is first

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T Paschke, G Scherer and WD Heller

; U.S. Patent No. 4,177,339 (Dec. 1979). 8) Badgett, C.E. and J.S. Osmalov: Flavor-releasing smoking article and method of making the same; U.S. Patent No. 3,603,319 (Sept. 1971). 9) Baldry, P.J., C.F. Cullis, D. Goring and M.M. Hirschler: The combustion of cigarette paper; Fire and Materials 12 (1988) 25–33. 10) BAT– British-American Tobacco Co. Ltd.: Flavou-ring tobacco; Research Disclosure 16836 (Apr. 1978) p. 8. 11) Bavley, A. and E.W. Robb: Rauchwaren und Ver

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Víctor M. Pérez-García, Susan Fitzpatrick, Luis A. Pérez-Romasanta, Milica Pesic, Philippe Schucht, Estanislao Arana and Pilar Sánchez-Gómez

. Statistics is already considered to be a basic ingredient of medical education and routinely used in research, specifically in clinical studies. This is so even when many physicians have a limited understanding of statistics and risk analysis [ 2 ]. However, the potential of other mathematical tools such as differential equations, advanced numerical methods, optimization, etc, have not been broadly incorporated into medical research on clinical care. This is so in spite of the fact that these methods are part of the standard toolbox of the applied mathematician that have