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K. Benchikh, H. Abid and M. Benchehima

1 Introduction A particular attention has been devoted in the literature to the wide-gap semiconductor alloys for applications in the fields of optical devices technology [ 1 , 2 ]. Several authors have investigated different kinds of materials in order to search for the desired parameters, such as band-gap, lattice constant, dielectric constant and carrier mobility [ 3 – 6 ]. In recent years, the wide gap II-VI semiconductor compounds have attracted much interest for their applications in optoelectronic devices. Various methods for fabricating chemical

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Piotr Srokosz, Ireneusz Dyka and Marcin Bujko

degradation of the tested material. Figure 10 Results of TS analysis – sample S3057. Another suggestion of an alternative method of interpreting the results of TS tests is the back analysis of the τ ( γ ) relation in the first quarter of the hysteresis loop. This method finds particular application in the process of calibration of constitutive laws implemented in Finite Element Method based calculation applications. The authors have their own application that works with the MatLab system and enables automated search for explicit and discrete G ( γ

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Shabeer Ahmad Mian, Muhammad Muzammil, Gul Rahman and Ejaz Ahmed

to NaCl structure, i.e. B 1 phase. At elevated pressure, Rb halides, K halides and NaCl get converted into the CsCI phase [12] . The interest in the high pressure properties of alkali halides has been restored in the diamond cell technology [13] . Cesium halides studies have been carried out to search for the band-overlap metallization which occurs at pressures in the Mbar range. Unexpected phase transformations to tetragonal and orthorhombic structures in the quest of metallization have been observed experimentally and theoretically [ 14 – 16 ]. The

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A. Arputha Latha, M. Anbuchezhiyan, C. Charles Kanakam and K. Selvarani

1 Introduction The nonlinear optics (NLO) is the field that includes all phenomena in which optical parameters of materials are changed by the interaction of intense coherent source of light. The NLO phenomena have led to the enhancement in understanding of light-matter interactions. The search for new molecular materials with NLO properties is currently the subject of considerable importance investigations due to their potential applications in photonic devices [ 1 ]. Family of amino acid crystals has been intensively studied by researchers for their