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Q Yuan, ZG Zhao and HJ Yuan

healthy individuals. Materials and methods Database Searches . With the purpose of comparing different reports regarding the T10003C mutation, we performed a systematic review for this mutation using the Google scholar, PubMed Central and Human MITOMAP database. The literature search was carried out using these combined keywords: “mitochondrial T10003C mutation” or “mitochondrial T10003C variant.” We excluded studies if the crucial data were not reported in original paper. Evolutionary Conservation Analysis . To understand the potential pathogenic role of the T

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Angel M. Dzhambov

Prevention. NHANES Response Rates and Population Totals [displayed 23 January 2016]. Available at: 23. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). NHANES 2001-2002 Laboratory Data [displayed 23 January 2016]. Available at: 24. Vermeulen A, Verdonck L, Kaufman JM. A critical evaluation of simple methods for the estimation of free testosterone in

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Alja Plošnik, Marjan Vračko and Marija Sollner Dolenc

reactivity of epoxides. Chem Res Toxicol 2012;25:2755-62. doi: 10.1021/ tx300389z 10. Zhang S, Chen K, Aliaga C, Sun Y, Lin J, Sharma A, Amin S, El-Bayoumy K. Identification and quantification of DNA adducts in the oral tissues of mice treated with the environmental carcinogen dibenzo[a,l]pyrene by HPLC-MS/ MS. Chem Res Toxicol 2011;24:1297-303. doi: 10.1021/ tx200188j 11. Miller E, Miller C. Searches for ultimate chemical carcinogens and their reactions with cellular macromolecules. Cancer 1981;47:2327-45. PMID: 7272889 12

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AK Khan, SA Khan, Na Muhammad, No Muhammad, J Ahmad, H Nawaz, A Nasir, S Farman and S Khan

]. Hereditary leukonychia, characterized by whitening of the nails was mapped to chromosome 3p21.3-p22 with pathogenic mutations on the phospholipase C, δ1 ( PLCD1 ) gene [ 4 , 5 , 6 ]. In the study presented here, we investigated a Pashto-speaking family from Lukki Marwat district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, the western part of Pakistan, segregating hereditary leukonychia in an autosomal dominant manner. Based on phenotypes, direct sequence analysis of the PLCD1 gene revealed a missense mutation. Materials and methods Human Subjects and DNA Samples . In order to

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NT Popov, DS Minchev, MM Naydenov, IN Minkov and TI Vachev

GTT GAG CAA GCT GA Cel-mi-39 F ACA CTC CAG CTG GGT CAC CGG GTG TAA ATC Universal R GTC GGC AAT TCA GTT GAG MiRNAs: microRNAs; SL: stem-loop. F: forward; Spike-in: exogenous RNA control; R: reverse. Pathways Prediction Analysis of Differentially Expressed miR-328-3p and miR-3135a Serum . First, we managed to obtain every validated target gene available in the miRWalk 2.0 database ( apps/zmf/mirwalk2/) for both of the serum miRNAs we studied. The miRWalk database offers a convenient direct search option, but

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Hanghui Wang, Yixin Song and Lianfang Du

. 2007; 18:1391-6. Epub 2007 Jul 14. 32. Dohmen C, Wagner E. Multifunctional CPP polymer system for tumor-targeted pDNA and siRNA delivery. Methods Mol Biol. 2011; 683:453-63. 33. Kim SW, Kim NY, Choi YB, Park SH, Yang JM, Shin S. RNA interference in vitro and in vivo using an arginine peptide/siRNA complex system.J Control Release. 2010; 143:335-43. Epub 2010 Jan 14. 34. Meade BR, Dowdy SF. Exogenous siRNA delivery using peptide transduction domains/cell penetrating peptides. Adv Drug Deliver Rev. 2007; 59:134-40. Epub

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Osot Nerapusee, Chanadda Chinthammit, Chavalit Romyen, Maneeporn Pangjunhom, Daniel C. Malone and Rungpetch Sakulbumrungsil

study was to compare three competing risk outcomes of multiple LAIs antipsychotics available in Thailand for subjects with schizophrenia by using mixed treatment comparison meta-analysis. Three competing risk outcomes were number of relapses, discontinuation because of intolerable adverse events, and discontinuation because of other reasons. Systematic review of randomized controlled trials (RCT) was applied. The outcome of this study was planned to support our economic evaluation of LAIs at the next stage. Method Search We conducted a search strategy using

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Panthip Rattanasinganchan, Kittipat Sopitthummakhun, Kent Doi, Xuzhen Hu, D. Michael Payne, Trairak Pisitkun and Asada Leelahavanichkul

Fetuin-A identified by proteomics: a novel urinary biomarker for detecting acute kidney injury Kidney Int 2006 70 1847 57 19 Elias JE, Gygi SP. Target-decoy search strategy for increased confidence in large-scale protein identifications by mass spectrometry. Nature Methods. 2007; 4:207-14. 10.1038/nmeth1019 Elias JE Gygi SP Target-decoy search strategy for increased confidence in large-scale protein identifications by mass spectrometry Nature Methods 2007 4 207 14 20 Leelahavanichkul A, Yan Q, Hu X, Eisner C, Huang Y, Chen R, et al. Angiotensin II

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Adawan Permpanich, Vithaya Kulsomboon and Kamol Udol

were life-long calculation. The provider perspective was chosen for this study; thus only direct health care costs were used in the analysis. Effectiveness data We carried out a meta-analysis to estimate the effectiveness of n-3 PUFAs for the base case analysis. A comprehensive literature search of MEDLINE, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Library (up to September 2013) was conducted. All trials that met the following criteria were included: 1) the trial enrolled adult patients (aged at least 18 years) with a history of myocardial infarction; 2) n-3 PUFAs were consumed

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Ungsinun Intarakamhang and Yuttapong Kwanchuen

Figure 1 . Figure 1 The measurement model with the 3 levels of HL that effect health outcomes Synthesis of the HL index 1. An HL index was synthesized after a systematic literature review beginning with a review of all related research and evidence-based data through a keyword search for example, HL and model, and HL conceptual framework, using the PubMed and Science Direct databases to read the text of selected abstracts. The procedures for the research selection were as shown in Figure 2 . Figure 2 Flow of the process of research selection