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Poznań School of Socio-Economic Geography (and Spatial Management) of Adam Mickiewicz University (in Poznań)

–80. Chojnicki Z., 2011c. Systemy społeczne jako przedmiot geografii społeczno-ekonomicznej (Social systems as a subject of socio-economic geography). In: Mierzejewska L., Wdowicka M. (eds), Współczesne problemy rozwoju miast i region ó w (Contemporary problems of the development of cities and regions). Bogucki Wydawnictwo Naukowe, Poznań: 31–48. Chojnicki Z., Czyż T., 1973. Metody taksonomii numerycznej w regionalizacji geograficznej (Methods of numerical taxonomy in geographical regionalisation). PWN, Warszawa. Chojnicki Z., Czyż T., Parysek J., Ratajczak W

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New Urban Economic Agents: A Comparative Analysis of High-Performance New Entrepreneurs

for the Transatlantic Round Table on Supplier Diversity, Brussels. Dagevos J., Gesthuizen M., 2005. Niet-westerse allochtonen met een stabiele arbeidsmarktpositie: aantallen en ontwikkelingen. Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau, Den Haag. Dana L.P. (ed.), 2007. Handbook of research on ethnic minority entrepreneurship: A co-evolutionary view on resource management. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. Delft H. van, Gorter C., Nijkamp P., 2000. In search of ethnic entrepreneurship in the city. Environment & Planning C 18: 429

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The saga of women’s status in ancient Indian civilization

Indian society on gender has varied widely over time and space due to the differences in socio-cultural traditions and practices ( Chakravarti & Roy 1988 ). Since early times, societal structure has played an active role in stimulating change in women’s roles and positions, but with time has also hindered the progress of the country. In this context, this study has made an attempt to assess women’s status and to highlight the structural framework of gender relations in ancient Indian civilization. Materials and Methods Based on the ancient Indian manuscripts and

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Choreographies of entrepreneurship. How different formats of co-presence are combined to facilitate knowledge creation in seed accelerator programs

for mutual engagement of otherwise separate practices. To be able to learn about hitherto unknown practices and to fully appreciate the underlying rules and assumptions it is necessary to delve into the tacit dimension ( Polanyi 1967 ) of the respective knowledge. This is time-consuming and effortful and can thus be more easily achieved through direct and personal interaction and observation, for example, when participants can look over each other’s shoulders ( Storper/Venables 2004 ). 3 Research design This contribution is based on a qualitative multiple case

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Winery regions as the oldest cultural landscapes: remnants, signs, and metamorphoses

Charred Grape Seeds’, Journal of Archaeological Science , vol. 23, pp. 409–418. 10.1006/jasc.1996.0036 Mangafa M Kotsakis K 1996 ‘A New Method for the Identification of Wild and Cultivated Charred Grape Seeds’ Journal of Archaeological Science 23 409 418 McGovern, PE 2003, Ancient Wine . The Search for the Origins of Viniculture , Princeton, Princeton University Press. McGovern PE 2003 Ancient Wine The Search for the Origins of Viniculture Princeton Princeton University Press Mc Govern, PE, Glusker, DL, Exener, LJ & Voigt, MM 1996, ‘Neolithic resin wine’, Nature

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Long-term decline in breeding abundance of Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) in the Czech Republic: a case study of a population trend at the Chomoutov lake


The aim of this paper is to evaluate the long-term trend in breeding abundance of Black-headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) at the Chomoutov lake, Czech Republic. In the period 1978-2014 (always between April 22 and May 10), we conducted 14 nest counts in the bird colony using the direct nest search method. In total, we counted 57,860 nests, from which 2,174 nests were found in the initial year 1978, the maximum number of nests (8,371) in 1993 and 3,304 nests in the last counting year 2014. The nests were located on the ground on an island elevated 2-3 m above the water level. In 1997, we found an unusually located nest on a nesting pad in a poplar tree (Populus sp.), 821 cm above the water level. In this paper, we point out the long-term decline in breeding abundance of Black-headed Gull in major breeding colonies in the Czech Republic, where the abundance declined by up to 95%, while numerous colonies have vanished completely. We discuss factors influencing the negative population trend of Black-headed Gull on the monitored site and in the entire Czech Republic.

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Characterization of groundwater quality destined for drinking water supply of Khenchela City (eastern Algeria)

J., B roquet P., R ampnoux N. 1998. Importance des contraints sur les ecoulements en roche fissuree superficielle; evidences experimentales [Role of fracturing in determination of hydraulic conductivity of limestone–contribution of direct and indirect methods]. Bulletin de la Societe Geologique de France. Vol. 169. Iss. 6 p. 765–773. M arre A. 1992. Le Tell Oriental de l’Algérie de Collo à la frontière Tunisienne, étude géomorphologique [Tell the oriental Algeria Collo to the Tunisian border, geomorphological study]. Vol. 1. Alger, Algérie. Office des

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Vulnerability Through Resilience?
An Example of the Counterproductive Effects of Spatially Related Governance in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

identified from the start as a precondition for increasing the attraction of the Elbe island. Only when based on a positive representation of the urban district that emphasises its potentials, do the urban development policy aims of the IBA seem to have a chance of success. The initiators of a "Future Search Conference" For Future Search Conference as a method see Weisbord (1992) and Weisbord/Janoff (2000) . ( Zukunftskonferenz ) in Wilhelmsburg emphasise, however, "the leap across the Elbe is not a trademark of the Hamburg Senate. It is a demand made by the Future

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Creativity-enhancing work environments: Eventisation through an inspiring work atmosphere in temporary proximity

(place), social (people) and dynamic (process) dimensions. The question as to what role people, process and place play as creativity-enhancing support can be answered based on a qualitative empirical study, depending mainly on site visits and semi-structured interviews. To understand the application of the Design thinking method, desk research was also conducted. In order to gain early insights into the application of design thinking, and the companies using design thinking as an innovation method, an internet search was carried out to find reports that informed

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A multidimensional analysis of spatial order in public spaces: a case study of the town Morąg, Poland

areas, 11. Playground, 12. Playground, 13. Playground, 14. Urban interior, 15. Playground with public green space, 16. Playground with public green space, 17. Municipal square, 18. Urban interior, 19. Public green space, 20. Municipal square 2.4 Questionnaire survey A questionnaire survey was carried out to collect the views of local community members in the Old Town district. In the questionnaire, the respondents were asked to voice their opinions about public spaces in the district. The direct survey method was selected based on a review of the

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