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T. Deepan Bharathi Kannan, B. Suresh Kumar, G. Rajesh Kannan, M. Umar and Mohammad Chand Khan

part in computer-aided manufacturing. The direct search method is one of the most popular mathematical optimization methods. It computes the first derivative of an objective function and sets it to zero, where the function becomes a maximum or minimum. The second derivative of the objective function is then used to determine the maxima or minima. Clearly, therefore, the objective function in classical and direct optimization must be continuous and twice differentiable. However, this requirement is generally not met in real-world problems [ 8 ]. This has led to the

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Caneon Kurien and Ajay Kumar Srivastava

the operation of the BFP is 5220 rpm and it is achieved by connecting the shaft of the motor to the BP via step up hydraulic coupling, which steps up the speed of the motor (1500 rpm) to the required speed of the BFP (5220 rpm). The main parts of a BFP are pump barrel, rotor, stator and mechanical seal. Figure 5 Boiler feed water pump Water passes through the suction branch into the intake spiral, and from there, it is directed to the first impeller. After leaving the impeller, it passes through the distributing passages of the diffuser, where it