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Janina Witkowska

References Acocella N. (1998), Theoretical Aspects of Mutual Relations Between Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Trade with Special Reference to Integration Theory, [in:] J.Witkowska, Z.Wysokińska (eds.) Dynamic Interdependence between Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Trade in the Context of the European Integration Process with Special Reference to Central and East European Countries. Comparative Aspects, Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, Łódź. Cantwell J. (1987), The Reorganisation of European Industries after

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Michaela Jánská and Petra Olšová

direct: concepts et méthodes. Paris: Dunod. Egan, J. (2007). Marketing Comunications. London: Thomson Learning. Engel, J. F., Warshaw, M. R., Kinnear, T. C. (1994). Promotional Strategy: Managing the Marketing Communications Process. Burr Ridge, IL: Irwin. Fanning, M. (2014). Changing Behaviour Driven By Availability Of Special Offers. Checkout 40(10), 63-65. Fill, CH. (2005). Marketing communications: Engagement, Strategies and Practices. Harlow: Prentice-Hall Europe. Fill, CH. (2006). Simply Marketing communications. Harlow: Prentice

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Błażej Motyka

. Subjectivity of that method stems from the tendency of respondents to maintain consistency between the declared attitudes and actions [ Podsakoff et al., 2003 ]. On the other hand, researchers have used proven, widely accepted questionnaires that allow a reliable evaluation of examined variables. In the remaining 28 studies, authors used more objective data, such as financial results of business units, surveys conducted among customers, assessments of direct supervisors, or a set of several aforementioned data sources ( Table 6 ). Table 6 Data sources used to quantify

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Andrea Szalavetz

correspond to our research topic. While this method worked well in the case of trade-offs, yielding several highly relevant papers, it turned to be useless in the case of interdependencies. Most of the hits proved irrelevant, since the papers suggested by the search engine discussed interconnections among business, environmental, and social considerations or were concerned with the interconnectedness of stakeholders. Conversely, when considering the notion of interdependence (interconnection) as a not-to-be-neglected property of corporate environmental sustainability, we

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Anna Maria Dzienis

relates labor migrations to the geography of production through real wage differentials. The obtained results prove the existence of a direct relation between workers’ localization decisions and the market potential of the host regions. Hering and Paillacar [2008] search for the answer to the question whether people migrate in their capacity as consumers and choose the regions where the price level is low (forward linkage) or they migrate considering the production factor (backward linkage). The authors explore the implications derived from the following two economic

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Aleksandar Vasilev

, there are two costs to the capital utilization decision that are at play in the current model: (i) a cost in terms of higher energy use and (ii) a cost in terms of a higher depreciation rate of physical capital stock. The first is a direct effect working through the production function, and following from fact that energy becomes a de facto factor of production through the link with utilization rate and capital stock. The second is an indirect channel, which is one of the novelties in this paper. This effect occurs due the presence of a depreciation cost of

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Kristóf Gyódi

more distinct (but interdependent) groups of users, generating value for at least one of the groups ( European Commission 2015 ). Platforms such as electronic marketplaces reduce buyer search costs, therefore increasing allocational efficiency, lowering prices and increasing competition ( Bakos 1997 ). Furthermore, online platforms are able to scale their activity and expand in a more flexible way than traditional firms due to the effects of networks. These developments have become crucial drivers of economic change, having a significant impact on the whole economy

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Kornelia Osieczko and Jan Polaszczyk

ensure stable access to these resources for the society, governmental organizations and enterprises. The loss of such access would be followed by a number of negative consequences, with direct impact on all users of electric and thermal energies. The energy security of a country or an economy is widely and ambiguously defined in the subject literature. Despite the vitality of the issue, no consensus has been reached in terms of precise interpretation of the definition and no methodology applicable in every situation is available. It is impossible to create a

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Anna Kukla-Gryz and Katarzyna Zagórska

attempts to explain successful practical implementations of the PWYW pricing strategy. Name Your Own Price (NYOP) is another example of a voluntary pricing scheme. It is quite popular in the travel and tourism industry, but to the best of our knowledge, it has never been applied in the cultural sector. There are also different kinds of auctions, in particular Art Auctions, but those are not an alternative to the PWYW as they are not regular, direct-to-consumer strategies. Because of popularity of the PWYW in cultural sector, we decided to focus our study on this scheme

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Krzysztof Jasiecki

relations, and so on are compared at a certain point in time); and 4) dynamic comparative analysis, which includes several countries over time and are able to capture dynamics and change to a certain extent, but unfortunately are relatively rare. The last of these methods are most promising for the analysis of capitalist diversity, especially in the medium-and long-time perspectives. The analyses mentioned above are all the more useful, because the global crisis of capitalism forces the search for new political, institutional, and social solutions which provide a