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Nutritional status in short-term overtraining boxers

, 2, 544S-547S. [15]. Lane, A. R.; Duke, J. W., Hackney, A. C., Influence of dietary carbohydrate intake on the free testosterone: cortisol ratio responses to short-term intensive exercise training, European journal of applied physiology. 2010, 108, 6, 1125-31. [16]. Biswas, N. M.; Mazumder, R., Bhattacharya, S. K., Das, T. K., Brain 5-hydroxytryptamine and plasma testosterone in L-tryptophan treated rats, Endocrine research. 1985, 11, 3-4, 131-7. [17]. Brun, J. F.; Dumortier, M., Fedou, C., Mercier, J., Exercise

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The effect of commercial feed supplemented with selected yeast, probiotics and herbal additives on the growth performance of juvenile dusky kob (Argyrosomus japonicus).

mulloway, Argyrosomus japonicus : optimizing feed formulations and feeding strategies. PhD thesis, James Cook University, 206pp. Pirozzi, I., Booth, M. A., Allan, G. L. (2010): The interactive effects of dietary protein and energy on feed intake, growth and protein utilization of juvenile mulloway Argyrosomus japonicus . Aquaculture Nutrition, 16, 61 - 7. Reyes-Becerril, M., Tovar-Ramirez, D., Ascencio-Valle, F., Civera-Cerecedo, R., Gracia-Lopez, V., Barbosa-Solomieu, V. (2008): Effects of dietary live yeast, Debaryomyces hansenii on the immune and

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Wild-Caught Versus Farmed Fish – Consumer Perception

References Alasalvar, C., Taylor, K. D. A., Zubcov, E., Shahidi, F., Alexis, M. (2002): Differentiation of cultured and wild sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax): total lipid content, fatty acid and trace mineral composition. Food Chemistry, 79, 2, 145-150. Augood, C., Chakravarthy, U., Young, I., Vioque, J., TVM de Jong, P., Bentham, G. (2008): Oily fish consumption, dietary docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid intakes, and associations with neovascular age-related macular degeneration. The American Journal of clinical

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Metal contents in fish and crustaceans from brackish, freshwater and marine systems in South-Western Nigeria

). Marine Pollution Bulletin, 50, 993-1018. Fung, L. H. A., Antoine, J. M. R., Grant, C. N., Buddo, D. S. A. (2013): Evaluation of dietary exposure to minerals, trace elements and heavy metals from the muscle tissue of the lionfish Pterois volitans (Linnaeus 1758). Food Chemical Toxicology, 60, 205-212. George, F., Ogamune, R., Odulate, D., Arowolo, T. (2013): Seasonal Variation in Heavy Metal Content of Tongue Sole, Cynoglossus brownii and Croaker, Pseudotolithus typus from Lagos and Delta States, Nigeria. British Journal of Applied Science and

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Genetic conservation in Parkia biglobosa (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) - what do we know?

insect pests and hemi-parasitic plants of Parkia biglobosa and Vitellaria par­adoxa in Nigeria. Agroforest Syst 60: 51-59 Ognatan K, Adi K, Lamboni C, Damorou J-M, Aklikokou KA, Gbeassor M, Guilland J-C (2011) Effect of dietary intake of fermented seeds of Parkia biglobosa (Jacq) Benth (African locust bean) on hypertension in Bogou and Gou­mou-kope areas of Togo. Tropl J Pharm Res 10:603-609 Omojola MO, Afolayan MO, Adebiyi AB, Orijajogun JO, Thomas

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Fish Lipids as a Valuable Source of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids

development of allergic sensitizations in the offspring: role of maternal atopy. Pediatric Allergy & Immunology 2006, 17, 94-102. [16] ISSFAL, International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids. Recommendations for Dietary Intake of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Healthy Adults, June 2004. [17] Özogul, Y.; Özogul, F., Fatty acid profiles and fat content of commercially important seawater and freshwater fish species of Turkey: A comparative study. Food Chemistry, 2007, 100, 1634-1638. [18] Saglik, S.; Imre, S., Omega

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Abnormal hemostasis screening tests leading to diagnosis of multiple myeloma

. He was also taking numerous herbs and dietary supplements at his own discretion: saw palmetto, vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate, curcuma and olive oil with lemon. Laboratory analysis confirmed previous findings: PT was 14 s (1.25 INR), APTT 42.5 s and TT 60.2 s with normal fibrinogen concentration assessed with both Clauss method (2.2 g/L, normal range: 1.8-3.5) and nephelometry (3.1 g/L, normal range: 1.8-3.5). Results of repeated tests, performed after 2 weeks wash-out from all over-the-counter preparations, were not different. Coagulation

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