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B.G. Şlencu, C. Ciobanu, Carmen Solcan, Alina Anton, St. Ciobanu, Gh. Solcan and Rodica Cuciureanu

non-enzymatic antioxidant defenses in the protective effect of diphenyldiselenide on testicular damage induced by cadmium in mice. J Trace Elem Med Biol, 23:324-333. Ciobanu C, Şlencu B.G., Cuciureanu R., 2012 - Estimation of dietary intake of cadmium and lead through food consumption. Rev Med Chir Soc Med Nat Iasi, 116:617-623. Ercal N., Gurer-Orhan H., Aykin-Burns N., 2001 - Toxic metals and oxidative stress part I: mechanisms involved in metal induced oxidative damage. Curr Top Med Chem, 1:529-539. Haffor A.S.A., Alhazza I.M.,2007 - Effects of lead and

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K.M. Kasiotis and K. Machera

-132. Domingo, J.L., Marti-Cid, R., Castell, V. and Llobet, J.M.. 2008. Human exposure to PBDEs through the diet in Catalonia, Spain: temporal trend. A review of recent literature on dietary PBDE intake. Toxicology, 248: 25-32. ECOPEST, at 25-05-2015. Engel, S.M., Berkowitz, G.S., Barr, D.B., Teitelbaum, S.L., Siskind, J., Meisel, S.J., Wetmur, J.G. and Wolff , M.S., 2007. Prenatal organophosphate metabolite and organochlorine levels and performance on the Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment

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F. Malhat, H. Watanabe and A. Youssef

insecticide, in/on Chines cabbage applied by foliar spraying under greenhouse condition. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 81: 369-372. Kumari, B., Madan, K., Singh, J., Singh, S. and Kathpal, T. 2004. Monitoring of pesticidal contamination of farm gate vegetables from Hissar. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 90: 1-3. Loutfy, N., Malhat, F., Kamel, E. and Saber, A. 2015. Residual Pattern and Dietary Intake of Iprodione on Grapes under Egyptian Field Conditions, A Prelude to Risk Assessment Profi le. International

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M. Shoaib, N. Akhtar, M. Shehzad, R. Qamar and Sanaullah

:// ). Giambalvo D., Ruisi P., Di Miceli G., Frenda A.S., Amato G., 2011 - Forage production, N uptake, N 2 fixation and N recovery of berseem clover grown in pure stand and in mixture with annual ryegrass under different managements. Plant Soil, 342(1):379-391. Hall D.D., Cromwell G.L., Stahly T.S., 1991 - Effects of dietary calcium, phosphorus, calcium: phosphorus ratio and vitamin K on performance, bone strength and blood clotting status of pigs. J. Anim. Sci., 69(2):646-655. Høgh-Jensen H., Schjoerring J.K., 1997 - Interactions between white clover and

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Dirk H. R. Spennemann and Maggie J. Watson

. & Perelli, G. (1989) Il piccione di cittá quale vettore di agenti patogeni per l’ uomo e gli animali. Atti Conv. Intern Inquinamento ambientale e populazioni animali, Pisa, 195-203. Chandra, R.N.L. (1904) Tanning, and working leather in the province of Bengal. Calcutta: Bengal Secretariat press. Channon, D. (2004) Feral pigeon excrement on heritage stonework. International Pest Control, 146(1), 24-27. Ciminari, M.E., Moyano, G., Chediack, J.G. & Caviedes-Vidal, E. (2005) Feral pigeons in urban environments: dietary

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Krzysztof Sobieralski, Marek Siwulski and Iwona Sas-Golak

D., Neuberg D., Su L., Christiani D.C., 2004. Dietary intake of cruciferous vegetables, glutathione S-transferase (GST) polymorphisms and lung cancer risk in Caucasian population. Cancer Causes Control 15: 977-985. Wang L.S., Stoner G.D., 2008. Anthocyanins and their role in cancer prevention. Cancer Lett. 269: 281-290. Wasser S.P., 2002. Medicinal mushrooms as a source of antitumor and immunomodulating polysaccharides . Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 3: 258-274. Wasser S.P., 2010. Medicinal mushroom science, history

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Zuzana Rybková and Kateřina Malachová

against direct and indirect mutagens. − Mutat. Res. 609: 68-73. Scalbert A. & Wil liamson G. (2000): Dietary Intake and Bioavailability of Polyphenols. − J. Nutr. 130: 2073S-2085S. Stagos D., Kazantzoglou G., Theofanidou D., Kakalopoulou G., Magiatis P., Mitaku S. & Kouretas D. (2006): Activity of grape extracts from Greek varieties of Vitis vinifera against mutagenicity induced by bleomycin and hydrogen peroxide in Salmonella typhimurium strain TA102. − Mutat. Res. 609: 165-175. Taira J., Ikemoto T., Mimura K., Hagi A

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Nadezhda A. Golubkina, Helene G. Kekina, Mezar R. Engalichev, Marina S. Antoshkina and Gianluca Caruso

ietary reference intakes , 2001. Food and Nutrition Board. Institute of Medicine. National Academy of Sciences. D oras M., P apadopoulos A.P., G osselin A., 2001. Greenhouse tomato fruit quality. Hort. Rev. 26, 239-319. E l S heikha A.F., P iombo G., G oli T., M ontet D., 2010. Main composition of Physalis ( Physalis pubescens L.) fruit juice from Egypt. Fruits 65, 255-265. F ischer G., E bert G., L udders P., 2000. Provitamin A, carotenoids, organic acids and ascorbic acid content of cape gooseberry ( Physalis peruviana L

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Mirko Ivković, Jelena Stanivuk, Branko Jakovljević, Siniša Bjedov and Dušan Rajković

REFERENCES GLAMOČIĆ D: The feeding of ruminants - Practicum. Faculty of Agriculture, Novi Sad, Novi Sad, 2002. BONANNO A, FEDELE V, DI GRIGOLI A: Grazing management of dairy goats on Mediterranean herbaceous pastures. Dairy goats feeding and nutrition, 189-220, 2008. DEVRIES TJ, BEAUCHEMIN KA, VON KEYSERLINGK MAG: Dietary forage concentration affect the feed sorting behavior of lactating dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, 90: 5572-5579, 2007. FELTON CA, DEVRIES TJ: Effect of water addition to a total mixed ration on feed temperature

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Eva Tvrdá, Michal Ďuračka, Marek Halenár, Norbert Lukáč and Adriana Kolesárová

, 71:30-34, 1974. DOLL, S., DANICKE, S.: In vivo detoxification of Fusarium toxins. Archives of Animal Nutrition, 58:419-441, 2004. ELIA, J., IMBROGNO, N., DELFINO, M., MAZZILLI, R., ROSSI, T., MAZZILLI, F.: The importance of the sperm motility classes—future directions. Open Andrology Journal, 2:42-43, 2010. ELIASSON, R.: Semen analysis with regard to sperm number, sperm morphology and functional aspects. Asian Journal of Andrology, 12:26-32, 2010. EWUOLA, EO., EGBUNIKE, GN.: Effects of dietary fumonisin B1 on the onset of puberty, semen