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Fatma Esra Güneş, Funda Elmacıoğiu, Şule Aktaç and Duygu Sağlam

.A., Reproducibility and validity of a food frequency questionnaire among fourth to seventh grade inner-city school children: implications of age and day-to-day variation in dietary intake. Public Health Nutr., 1999, 2, 293–300. 13. Friis S., Kruger K.S., Stripp C., Overvad K., Reproducibility and relative validity of a self-administered semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire applied to younger women. J. Clin. Epidemiol., 1997, 50, 303–311. 14. Fumagalli F., Pontes M.J., Sartorelli D.S., Vieira M.N., de Lourdes Pires B.M., Validation of a food frequency

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Zdeněk Zloch, Pavel Sedláček, Jana Langmajerová and Dana Müllerová

REFERENCES 1. Bai W., Wang C., Ren C., Intakes of total and individual flavonoids by US adults. Int. J. Food Sci. Nutr., 2014, 65, 9–20. 2. Balentine D.A., Dwyer J.T., Erdman J.W., Jr., Ferruzzi M.G., Gaine P.C., Harnly J.M., Kwik-Uribe C.L., Recommendations on reporting requirements for flavonoids in research. Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 2015, 101, 1113–1125. 3. Bohn T., Dietary factors affecting polyphenol bioavailability. Nutr. Rev., 2014, 72, 429–452. 4. Brat P., George S., Bellamy A., Du Chaffaut L., Scalbert A., Mennen L., Arnault N., Amiot

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Magdalena Człapka-Matyasik and Katarzyna Ast

References 1. Adamczyk G., Selected aspects of consumer behaviour and pat-terns of food consumption in households in the 1990s. Roczniki Akademii Rolniczej w Poznaniu - CCCXLIII. Ekon., 2002, 1, 31-41 (in Polish). 2. Agudo A., Cabrera L., Amiano P., Ardanaz E., Barricarte A., Berenguer T., Chirlaque M.D., Dorronsoro M., Jakszyn P., Lar-rañaga N., Martínez C., Navarro C., Quirós J.R., Sánchez M.J., Tormo M.J., González C.A., Fruit and vegetable intakes, dietary antioxidant nutrients, and total mortality in Spanish adults: fndings from the Spanish cohort of

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Peter-Damian Chukwunomso Jiwuba, Francis Okechukwu Ahamefule, Okechukwu Samuel Okechukwu and Kingsley Ikwunze

References 1. Aberra M. Comparative assessment on chemical compositions and feeding values of leaves of Moringa stenopetala and Moringa oleifera using in vitro gas production method. Ethi. J. App Sci Tech 2011: 2: 31-41. 2. Agboola IO. Performance and Heat Index of West African Dwarf (WAD) Rams Fed with Adansonia digitata Bark (Baobab) as Supplement. Agric Sci 2012;12:245-Ahamefule FO, Elendu C. Intake and digestibility of West African Dwarf bucks fed cassava leaf-maize offal based diets. J Anim Vet Adv 2010; 9

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Stanisław Berger


Short life story and scientific activity of Kazimierz (Casimir) Funk is presented. His achievements and pioneer work in vitaminology is summated on the occasion of 101 anniversary of the introduction of this topic into food and nutrition sciences. His long biochemical scientific itinerary is presented starting from Switzerland, France (twice), UK, USA (twice) and Poland. Most of his discoveries or studies were linked with vitamins, but also with other nutrients (carbohydrates, amino acids, trace elements) or bioactive substances e.g. hormones and their synthesis. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Funk looked always at food constituents as factors affecting health and/ or preventing diseases. We in Poland are very proud of his scientific achievements considering that Dr. Funk is the significant milestone in developing food and nutrition science worldwide.

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Jan Czeczelewski, Barbara Długołęcka and Barbara Raczyńska

., 2003, 73, 108-114. Heaney R. P., Protein intake and calcium economy. J. Am. Diet. Assoc., 1993, 93, 1261-1262. Heaney R. P., Dietary protein and phosphorus do not affect calcium absorption. Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 2000, 72, 758-761. Heaney R. P., Protein intake and bone health: the influence of belief systems on the conduct of nutritional science. Am. J. Clin. Nutr., 2001, 73, 5-6. Heaney R. P., The importance of calcium intake for livelong skeletal health. Calcif

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John Adesanya Abiona, Taiwo Gabriel Olaoye, Monsuru Oladimeji Abioja and Okanlawon Mohammed Onagbesan

., Qota E. M., Bovera F. Monastra G., Sahledom M. D. (2013): Effect of dietary amounts of inorganic and organic zinc on productive and physiological traits of White Pekin duck. Animal 7: 895 – 900. Barber B. J., Blake N. J. (1983): Growth and reproduction of the bay scallop, Argopecten irradians (Lamarck) at its Southern distributional limit. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 66: 247 – 256. Batal A., Parr T. M., Baker D. H. (2001): Zinc bioavailability in tetrabasic zinc chloride and the dietary zinc requirement of young chicks fed a soy

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O. Faměra, I. Hálová and L. Kouřimská

.1177/0884533611399773. Gunther W (2011): Reference values for nutrient intake (DACH). 1st Ed. Společnost pro výživu o.s., Praha. (in Czech) Kinsey L, Burden ST, Bannerman E (2008): A dietary survey to determine if patients with coeliac disease are meeting current healthy eating guidelines and how their diet compares to that of the British general population. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 62, 1333-1342. Kohout P (2008): News in the gluten-free diet. Interní medicína pro praxi, 10, 113-116. (in Czech

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Anna M. Witkowska and Małgorzata E. Zujko

, 1491-1499. 14. Hultberg M., Hultberg B., Glutathione turnover in human cell lines in the presence of agents with glutathione influencing potential with and without acivicin inhibition of γ-glutamyltranspeptidase. Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 2005, 1726, 42-47. 15. Jarosz M., Bułhak-Jachymczyk B. (Eds.): Normy Żywienia Człowieka. 2008, PZWL, Warsaw (in Polish). 16. Kallianpur A.R., Lee S.A., Gao Y.T., et al ., Dietary animal-derived iron and fat intake and breast cancer risk in the Shanghai Breast Cancer Study. Breast Cancer

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Juliusz Przysławski, Marta Stelmach, Bogna Grygiel-Górniak, Marcin Mardas and Jarosław Walkowiak

factor analysis. Educ. Psychol. Measure., 1960, 20, 141-151. Klein J. D., Postle C. K., Kreipe R. E., Smith S. M., McIntosh S., Spada J., Ossipin-Klein D., Do physicians discuss needed diet and nutrition health topics with adolescents?. J. Adolesc. Heal., 2006, 38, 608e1-608e6. Kranz S., Lin P-J., Wagstaff D. A., Children's dairy intake in the United States: Too little, too fat?.J. Pediatr., 2007, 151, 642-643. Kris-Etherton P. M., Grieger J. A., Etherton T. D., Dietary references intakes for