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Nadja Plazar and Mihaela Jurdana

deficiency on DNA stability. J Nutr 2002; 132(8 Suppl): 2444S-9S. Kim YI, Shirwadkar S, Choi SW, Puchyr M, Wang Y, Mason JB. Effects of dietary folate on DNA strand breaks within mutation-prone exons of the p53 gene in rat colon. Gastroenterol 2000; 119: 151-61. Zhang S, Hunter DJ, Hankinson SE, Giovannucci EL, Rosner BA, Colditz GA, et al. A prospective study of folate intake and the risk of breast cancer. JAMA 1999; 281: 1632-7. Rohan TE, Jain MG, Howe GR, Miller AB. Dietary folate

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Anija Orel, Matjaz Homan, Rok Blagus, Evgen Benedik, Rok Orel and Natasa Fidler Mis

feeding and nutritional problems in children with neurological impairment: Oxford Feeding Study Dev Med Child Neurol 2000 42 674 80 10.1111/j.1469-8749.2000.tb00678.x 3 Trier E, Thomas AG. Feeding the disabled child. Nutrition 1998; 14 : 801-5. 10.1016/S0899-9007(98)00088-4 Trier E Thomas AG. Feeding the disabled child Nutrition 1998 14 801 5 10.1016/S0899-9007(98)00088-4 4 Penagini F, Mameli C, Fabiano V, Brunetti D, Dilillo D, Zuccotti GV. Dietary intakes and nutritional issues in neurologically impaired children. Nutrients 2015; 7 : 9400-59. 10.3390/nu

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Mihaela Jurdana

. Immunoregulators in the nervous system. Neurosci Biobehav 1991; 5: 185-215. Inui A. Cancer anorexia-cachexia syndrome: are neuropeptides the key? Cancer Res 1999; 59: 4493-501. Inui A. Cancer Anorexia-Cachexia Syndrome: current issues in research and management. CA Cancer J Clin 2000; 52: 72-91. Bosaeus I, Daneryd P, Lundholm K. Dietary intake, resting energy expenditure, weight loss and survival in cancer patients. J Nutr 2002; 132 (suppl): S 3465-S 3466. Cohn SH

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Ana Jeromen, Irena Oblak, Franc Anderluh, Vaneja Velenik, Marija Skoblar Vidmar and Ivica Ratoša

-7. 43. Deans DAC, Tan BH, Wigmore SJ, Ross JA, de Beaux AC, Paterson-Brown S, et al. The influence of systemic inflammation, dietary intake and stage of disease on rate of weight loss in patients with gastro-oesophageal cancer. Br J Cancer 2009; 100: 63-9. 44. Stahl M, Wilke H, Stuschke M, Walz MK, Fink U, Molls M, et al. Clinical response to induction chemotherapy predicts local control and long-term survival in multimodal treatment of patients with locally advanced esophageal cancer. J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 2005; 131: 67

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Matej Skocaj, Metka Filipic, Jana Petkovic and Sasa Novak

-22. Lai T-Y, Lee W-C. Killing of cancer cell line by photoexcitation of folic acidmodified titanium dioxide nanoparticles. J Photochem Photobiol, A 2009; 204: 148-53. Lomer MCE, Hutchinson C, Volkert S, Greenfield SM, Catterall A, Thompson RPH et al. Dietary sources of inorganic microparticles and their intake in healthy subjects and patients with Crohn's disease. Brit J Nutr 2004; 92: 947-55.

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Wei-Hsien Hou, Chun-Wei Wang, Chiao-Ling Tsai, Feng-Ming Hsu and Jason Chia-Hsien Cheng

help preserve head and neck muscle mass and subcutaneous fat. 23 Aggressive management of mucositis and nausea with supportive care can alleviate discomfort during food intake. 24 Optimization of radiation treatment planning can help reduce mucositis and nausea by minimizing the dose to the mucosal surface and brainstem. 22 , 25 As observed in our study, there is a trend toward enlarged setup errors with increasing number of fractions. The use of a shorter radiation treatment course with altered fractionation scheme may also help reduce setup errors. Adaptive RT