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T. Bulbul, V. Ozdemir, A. Bulbul and E. Ulutas

arginine concentration on lymphoid organ growth in chickens. Poult Sci 78: 1536-1541. Lee JE, Austic RE, Naqi SA, Golemboski KA, Dietert RR (2002) Dietary arginine intake alters avian leukocyte population distribution during infectious bronchitis challenge. Poult Sci 81: 793-798. Li CG, Rand MJ (1990) Nitric oxide and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide mediate non- adrenergic, non-cholinergic inhibitory transmission to smooth muscle of the rat gastric fundus. Eur J Pharmacol 191: 303-309. McCall TB, Feelisch M, Palmer RM

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Lanting Ma, Ying Wang, Xiaobo Hang, Hongfang Wang, Weiren Yang and Baohua Xu

. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 95: 21-29. Kim Y. S., Smith B. H. (2000) Effect of an amino acid on feeding preferences and learning behavior in the honey bee, Apis mellifera. Journal of Insect Physiology 46: 793-801. Kinsella J. E. (1991) Advances in food and nutrition research. Vol. 33. Academic Press. London. 101 pp. Li C. C., Xu B. B., Wang Y., Feng Q. Q., Yang W. R. (2012) Effects of dietary crude protein levels on development, antioxidant status, and total midgut protease activity of honey bee (Apis mellifera

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Zainal A. Muchlisin, Ayu A. Arisa, Abdullah A. Muhammadar, Nur Fadli, Iko I. Arisa and Mohd N. Siti-Azizah

.C. 2002 – Influence of high dietary α-tocopherol intakes on specific immune response, nonspecific resistance factors and disease resistance of healthy and aflatoxin B1-induced immunocompromised Indian major carp, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) – Aquacul Nut. 8: 159-167. Steffens W. 1989 – Principles of fish nutrition – Ellis Horwood, New York, 384 p. Takeuchi M., Ishii S., Ogiso T. 1981 – Effect of dietary vitamin E on growth, vitamin E distribution and mortalities of the fertilized eggs and fry in ayu (Plecoglossus altivelis) – Bull. Tokai Reg. Fish. Res. Lab

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Matin Shakoori, Hamed Gholipour, Samira Naseri and Hossein Khara

.-Bamidgeh, 55: 13-21. Helland S.J., GrisdaleHelland B., Nerland S., 1996 – A simple method for the measurement of daily feed intake of groups of fish in tanks – Aquaculture, 139: 157-163. Jahanbakhshi A., Ramazi F.G. Soudagar M. 2012 – Effects of dietary corn gluten supplementation on body composition and growth performance in common carp ( Cyprinus carpio ) juvenile – Global Vet. 9: 85-88. Kaushik S.J., Cravedi J.P., Lalles J., Sumpter B., Fauconneau M., Laroche M. 1995 – Partial or total replacement of fish meal by soybean protein on growth, protein

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Seyedeh Atefeh Sharifzadeh, Hossein Khara and Shayan Ghobadi

- Influence of fish dietary á-tocopherol intakes on specific immune response, non-specific immune resistance factors and disease resistance of healthy and aflatoxin B1-induced immunocompromised Indian major carp, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) - Aquacult. Nut. 8: 159-167. Samocha T.M., Guajardo H., Lawrence AL., Castille F.L., Speed M., Mckee D.A., Page K.I. 1998 - A simple stress test for Penaeus vannamei postlarvae - Aquaculture 165: 233-242. Santiago C.B., Gonzal A.C. 2000 - Effect of prepared diet and vitamins A, E and C supplementation on the

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Zdzisław Zakęś, Renata Pietrzak-Fiećko, Mirosław Szczepkowski, Monika Modzelewska-Kapituła and Barbara Jankowska

lucius) - J. Appl. Ichthyol. 24: 196-201. Jobling M. 2001 - Nutrient partitioning and the influence of feed composition on body composition - In: Food intake in fish (Eds) D. Houlihan, T. Boujard, M. Jobling. Blackwell Sciences Ltd, Oxford, UK: 354-375. Luzzana U., Serrini G., Moretti V.M., Grimaldi P., Paleari M.A., Valfré F. 1996 - Seasonal variations in fat content and fatty acid composition of male and female coregonid ‘bondella’ from Lake Maggiore and landlocked shad from Lake Como (Northern Italy) - J. Fish Biol. 48: 352

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Jan Mazurkiewicz, Wojciech Andrzejewski, Katarzyna M. Żołnierowicz, Katarzyna Przybylska, Janusz Golski and Lilianna Graczyk

-227. Gatlin D.M., Barrows F.T., Brown P., Dabrowski K., Gaylord T.G., Hardy R.W., Herman E., Hu G., Krogdahl A., Nelson R., Overturf K., Rust M., Sealey W., Skonberg D., Souza E.J., Stone D., Wilson R., Wurtele E. 2007 - Expanding the utilization of sustainable plant products in aquafeeds: a review - Aquac. Res. 38: 551-579. Gawecki K. 1988 - Exercises from animal nutrition and feed science - Wyd. AR, Poznan (in Polish). Gomes E.F., Corraze G., Kaushik S. 1993 - Effects of dietary incorporation of a co-extruded plant protein (rapeseed and

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Ewa Chwełatiuk and Tadeusz Włostowski

References Andersen O. 2004a: Chemical and biological considerations in the treatment of metal intoxications by chelating agents. Mirev. Med. Chem. 4 : 159-165. Andersen O., Nielsen J. B., Nordberg G. F. 2004b: Nutritional interactions in intestinal cadmium uptake - possibilities for risk reduction. BioMetals 17 : 543-547. Anukulkitch Ch., Rao A., Dunshea F. R., Blache D., Lincoln G. A., Clarke I. 2007: Influence of photoperiod and gonadal status on food intake, adiposity, and

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Ewa Działa-Szczepańczyk

other smal birds in relation to their diets. Aust. J. Zool. , 34: 119-24. Richardson, K. C. and Woollier, R. D., 1990: Adaptations of alimentary tracts of same Australian lorikeets to diet of pollen and nectar. Austr. J. Zool. , 38: 581-586. Ricklefs, R. E., 1996: Morphometry of the digestive tracts of some passerine birds. Condor , 98: 279-292. Savory, C. J. and Gentle, M. J., 1976: Changes in food intake and gut size in Japanese Quail in response to manipulation of dietary fibre content

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Michał Kozłowski, Mirosław Szczepkowski, Iwona Piotrowska and Bożena Szczepkowska

ability and food intake in salmonids: consequences for energy budgets and growth rates – J. Fish Biol. 28: 525-531. Molnár T., Hancz Cs., Bódis M., Müller T., Bercsényi M., Horn P. 2004 – The effect of the initial stocking density on the growth and survival of the pikeperch fingerling reared under intensive conditions – Aquacult. Int.12:181-189. Nyina-Wamwiza L., Xu X., Blanchard G., Kestemont P. 2005 – Effect of dietary protein, lipid and carbohydrate ratio on growth, feed efficiency and body composition of pikeperch Sander lucioperca fingerlings