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Emmanuel Agomuo and Peter Amadi

Oils and Its Contribution to Dietary Energy Intake and Dependence of Cardiovascular Mortality on Dietary Intake of Fatty Acids, Int. J. Mol. Sci., 16, 12871-12890; doi:10.3390/ijms160612871 32. Perwez, A., Mohamed F.A., Ahmed, H.A., Mohammad K.P., Nasir A.S., Saleh, I.A., Adnan, J.A., Mohammed, S. & Omer, A.B. (2017). Comparative study of antioxidant activity and validated RP-HPTLC analysis of rutin in the leaves of different Acacia species grown in Saudi Arabia Saudi Pharm J , 25, 715–723 33. Ramchandra, D.G. & Paramjyothi, S. (2008). Physico

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He Chen, Jinfeng Niu, Guowei Shu and Hongchang Wan

.J., Rhee, P.L., et al. 2011. Probiotic fermented milk containing dietary fiber has additive effects in IBS with constipation compared to plain probiotic fermented milk. Gut Liver, 5(1), 22-28. 8. Denkova R., Georgieva L., Denkova Z. 2014. Freeze-dried sourdough starters. Journal of Food and Packaging Science, Technique and Technologies, 4(1):74-80. 9. Denkova R., Georgieva L., Denkova Z., Yanakieva V., Ilieva S. 2014. Highly active probiotic concentrates with long shelf life obtained using cryoprotectants of plant origin. Journal of Food and Packaging Science

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Oana Stanciu, Roxana Banc, Anamaria Cozma, Lorena Filip, Doina Miere, Jordi Mañes and Felicia Loghin

Fusarium Toxins in Food and Assessment of Dietary Intake by the Population of EU Member States. Directorate General Health and Consumer Protection. 80. Scudamore, K.A., Patel, S. and Edwards, S.G. (2009). HT-2 toxin and T-2 toxin in commercial cereal processing in the United Kingdom, 2004-2007. World Mycotoxin J, 2, 357-365. DOI: 10.3920/WMJ2008.1119. 81. Silva, L., Matos Lino, C. & Simões Pena, A.L. (2014). Fumonisins: human health, presence in food and biomarkers. In Duarte, S., Lino, C. & Pena, A. (Eds.), Mycotoxins and their

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Roxana Tufeanu and Ovidiu Tiţa

REFERENCES 1. Álvarez D., Xiong Y.L., Castillo M., Payne F.A., Garrido M.D., (September 2012). Textural and viscoelastic properties of pork frankfurters containing canola-olive oils, rice bran, and walnut. Meat Science , 92, 8–15. Retrieved June 2, 2015, from Science Direct database Web: . DOI:10.1016/j.meatsci.2012.03.012 2. Anderson J.W., Baird P., Davis R.H. Jr., Ferreri S., Knudtson M, Koraym A., Waters V., Williams C.L., (2009, April). Health benefits of dietary fibre. Nutrition Reviews , 67, (4), 188