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Monitoring vaginal electrical resistance, follicular waves, and hormonal profile during oestrous cycle in the transition period in Bangladeshi sheep

sheep estrous cycle. Biol Reprod 1978, 18, 359–364. 4. Bartlewski P.M., Beard A.P., Cook S.J., Chandolia R.K., Honaramooz A., Rawlings N.C.: Ovarian antral follicular dynamics and their relationships with endocrine variables throughout the oestrous cycle in breeds of sheep differing in prolificacy. J Reprod Fertil 1999, 115, 111–124. 5. Bartlewski P.M., Beard A.P., Cook S.J., Rawlings N.C.: Ovarian follicular dynamics during anoestrous in ewes. J Reprod Fertil 1998, 113, 275–285. 6. Bister J.L., Noel B., Perrad B., Mandiki S.N., Mbayahaga J., Paquay

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Relationship Between Postpartum Disorders And Pregnancy Losses and Subsequent Fertility of Dairy Cows

, 279-287. 24. Moore D.A., Overton M.W., Chebel R.C., Truscott M.L., BonDurant R.H.: Evaluation of factors that affect embryonic loss in dairy cattle. J Am Vet Med Assoc 2005, 226: 1112-1118. 25. Moss N., Lean I.J., Reid S.W., Hodgson D.R.: Risk factor for repeat-breeder syndrome in New South Wales dairy cows. Prev Vet Med 2002, 54 , 91-103. 26. Peter A.T., Levine H., Drost M., Bergfelt D.R.: Compilation of classical and contemporary terminology used to describe morphological aspects of ovarian dynamics in cattle

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