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Impact of Nonlinearity of The Contact Layer Between Elements Joined in a Multi-Bolted System on Its Preload

contact microvibrations excited by a harmonic force. - Nonlinear Dynamics, vol.50, No.4, pp.809-815. [4] Kostek R. (2013): An analysis of the primary and superharmonic contact resonances - Part 2. - Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, vol.51, No.3, pp.687-696. [5] Misra A. and Huang S. (2011): Effect of loading induced anisotropy on the shear behavior of rough interfaces. - Tribology International, vol.44, No.5, pp.627-634. [6] Abid M. and Nash D.H. (2006): Structural strength: Gasketed vs non-gasketed flange

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Effects of nonlinearity on determination of bolt forces for the operational state of a bolted flange connection

. - International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, vol.96-97, pp.38-48. Gerami M., Saberi H., Saberi V. and Saedi Daryan A. (2011): Cyclic behavior of bolted connections with different arrangement of bolts. - Journal of Constructional Steel Research, vol.67, No.4, pp.690-705. Girão Coelho A.M. (2013): Rotation capacity of partial strength steel joints with three-dimensional finite element approach. - Computers and Structures, vol.116, pp.88-97. Goerke D. and Willner K. (2008): Normal contact of fractal surfaces - Experimental

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Press-Fit Evaluation and Study of Displacement in Temperature Changes

] R. Halama, A. Markopoulos, M. Šofer, Z. Poruba, P. Matušek. Cyclic Plastic Properties of Class C Steel Emphasizing on Ratcheting Testing and Modelling. Journal of Mechanical Engineering - Strojnícky časopis 2015 (65), No. 1, pp. 21 - 26. [5] J. Bocko, P. Lengvarský. Buckling of single-walled carbon nanotubes with and without defects, J. Mech. Sci. Technol. 2017 (4), 1825 - 1833. [6] R. Owsinski, A. Nieslony. Identification of Fatigue Cracks on the Basisc of Measurable Changes in System Dynamics. Journal of Mechanical Engineering

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Dynamic and Sensitivity Analysis General Non-Conservative Asymmetric Mechanical Systems

] R. Halama, A. Markopoulos, M. Šofer, Z. Poruba, P. Matušek. Cyclic plastic properties of class C steel emphasizing on ratcheting: Testing and modelling. Journal of Mechanical Engineering – Strojnícky časopis 2015 (65), No. 1, 21 – 26. [9] J. E. Akin. Finite elements for analysis and design. Academic Press. 1994 . [10] V. Molnár. Computational Fluid Dynamics: Basics with Applications CFD, STU Bratislava, 2006 . [11] T. E. Tezduyar. Finite Element Methods for Fluid Dynamics with Moving Boundaries and Interfaces. In: Encyclopedia of

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Performance of an automated process model discovery – the logistics process of a manufacturing company

variables on a dynamic system using both quantitative and qualitative views ( Doomun & Jungun, 2008 ; Hlupić & Vukšić, 2004 ). There are many approaches to simulation modelling, such as analytical modelling, based mostly on mathematical theories (Gries et al., 2016), system dynamics ( Macal, 2010 ; Borshchev & Filippov, 2004 ), discrete event simulation ( Siebers et al., 2010 ; Chan, Son & Macal, 2010 ). However, ABS is becoming increasingly more popular for several reasons. Firstly, it offers a broad scope of analysis in terms of levels of the used abstraction of

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