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Gözde Yılmaz

at the 10th EUSA Biennial International Conference, May 17–19, 2007, Montreal. Müftüler-Baç, M. (2008), ‘Turkey’s accession to the European Union: the impact of EU’s internal dynamics,’ International Studies Perspectives , vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 201–219. Narbone, L. & Tocci, N. (2007), ‘Running around in circles? The cyclical relationship between Turkey and the European Union,’ Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies , vol. 9, no. 3, pp. 233–245. Oğuşgil, V. A. (2016), ‘The internal security package and its potential impact on the EU

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Nicholas Toloudis

References Amable, B. & Azizi, K. (2014), ‘Counter-cyclical budget policy across varieties of capitalism,’ Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, vol. 30, pp. 1-9. Armingeon, K. (2012), ‘The politics of fiscal responses to the crisis of 2008-2009,’ Governance, vol. 25, no. 4, pp. 543-565. Armingeon, K.; Knöpfel, L.; Weisstanner, D.; Engler, S.; Potolidis, P. & Gerber, M. (2011), Comparative Political Data Set III

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Patterns of integration

A Longitudinal View of the Labour Market Attachment of Immigrants in Finland

Oxana Krutova, Liudmila Lipiäinen and Pertti Koistinen

integration of the immigrants are grounded on case studies, documentary analysis, surveys and cross-sectional data, yet there are few studies based on longitudinal and representative data, which are appropriate for individual measurements. Viewing the labour integration process as a long-term and dynamic process, our research question is: what are the typical trajectories of labour market attachment through which immigrants’ labour market integration takes place? We offer the concept of the transitional labour market to point out the dynamics of ‘transitions’ on the one

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Ion-Lucian Catrina

:// [11] Catrina, I. L. (2013). Intergenerational Equity of Public Debt, European Journal of Science and Theology , 9(2), pp. 167-174. [12] Escolano, J. (2010). A Practical Guide to Public Debt Dynamics, Fiscal Sustainability, and Cyclical Adjustment of Budgetary Aggregates, IMF. [13] Hagemann, R. (2012). Fiscal Consolidation: Part 6. What Are the Best Policy Instruments for Fiscal Consolidation?, OECD Economics Department Working Papers , No. 937, OECD Publishing. [14

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José-María Serrano-Martínez and Ramón García-Marín

population in the period 1970-1986), Madrid: Síntesis, 109-117. Billari, F. and Wilson, C. (2001). Convergence towards diversity? Cohort dynamics in the transition to adulthood in contemporary Western Europe. Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Working Papers, 2001-039. Billari, F. and Kohler, H.P. (2002). Patterns of Lowest-Low Fertility in Europe. Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Working Papers, 2002-040. Borjas, G.J. (1994). The Economics of Migration. Journal of Economic Literature , 32, 4, 1667-1717. Brettell, C

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Adegbemi Babatunde Onakoya

& Hall CRC Press Godfrey, L. G. (1978). Testing against general autoregressive and moving average error models when the regressors include lagged dependent variables. Econometrica. 46, 1293-1301 Grossman, G., & Helpman E. (1991). Innovation and Growth in the Global Economy, Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press Gutiérrez, C.E.C., Souza, R.C. & Guillén, O.T.C. (2007). Selection of optimal lag length in cointegrated var. models with weak form of common cyclical features. Working Paper Series No. 139 Gujarati