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Growth variability of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) natural forests: Dendroclimatic study from Krkonoše National Park

.) in a changing climate Potential risks for European beech ( Fagus sylvatica L.). Trees, 21:1–11. Granier, A., Reichstein, M., Bréda, N., Janssens, I. A., Falge, E., Ciais, P., 2007: Evidence for soil water control on carbon and water dynamics in European forests during the extremely dry year: 2003. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 143:123–145. Hartl-Meier, C., Zang, C., Büntgen, U., Esper, J., Rothe, A., Göttlein, A. et al., 2018: Uniform climate sensitivity in tree-ring stable isotopes across species and sites in a mid-latitude temperate forest

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Investigating Post-partum Ovarian Cyclicity Following Various Treatments in Dairy Cows

reproductive performance in dairy buffaloes: major constrains and achievement. Reproduction Supplement, 61, 27–36. 7. Patel, P.M., Dhami, A.J., & Kalyani, I.H. (2005). Puerperal events, bacterial isolates of cervico-vaginal mucus and reproductive performance of cows. Indian Veterinary Journal, 82, 759-762. 8. Rajmon, R., Sichtar, J., & Vostry, L., Rehak, D. (2012). Ovarian follicle growth dynamics during the postpartum period in Holstein cows and effects of contemporary cyst occurrence. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 57(12), 562-572. 9. Sharma, A

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A prognosis for the impact of climate change on beech stand dynamics in the Polish and Ukrainian Roztoche region

References Botkin D.B. 1993. Forest Dynamics: An Ecological Model. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 309 p. ISBN 0-19-506555-7. Botkin D.B., Janak J.F., Wallis J.R. 1972. Some Ecological Consequences of a computer Model of Forest Growth. Journal of Ecology 60(3): 849-872. DOI 10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.2.004. Brzeziecki B. 1991. Ecological growth Model of the Forest: some methodical and calibration problems. Sylwan 9: 5-15. Brzeziecki B. 1999.Ekologiczny model drzewostanu. Konstrukcja

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Antioxidant Properties, Acrylamide Content and Sensory Quality of Ginger Cakes with Different Formulations

-73. Capuano E., Ferrigno A., Acampa I., Serpen A., Açar Ö.Ç., Gökmen V., Fogliano V., Effect of flour type on Maillard reaction and acrylamide formation during toasting of bread crisp model systems and mitigation strategies. Food Res. Int., 2009, 42, 1295-1302. Chevion S., Chevion M., Chock P.B., Beecher G.R., The antioxidant capacity of edible plants: extraction protocol and direct evaluation by cyclic voltammetry. J. Med. Food 1999, 2, 1-11. Ciesarová Z., Kukurová K., Bednáriková A., Morales J.F., Effect of heat

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Cumulus Cell Expansion, Its Role in Oocyte Biology and Perspectives of Measurement: A Review

, 144-153. doi: 10.1016/0012-1606(82)90219-6. Calder MD, Caveney AN, Westhusin ME, Watson AJ (2001): Cyclooxygenase 2 and prostaglansin E 2 (PGE 2 ) receptor messenger RNAs are affected by bovine oocyte maturation time and cumulus-oocyte complex quality, and PGE 2 induces moderate expansion of the bovine cumulus in vitro. Biology of Reproduction, 65, 136-140. doi: 10.1095/biol-reprod65.1.135. Caroll J, Swann K, Whittingham D, Whitaker M (1994): Spatiotemporal dynamics of intracellular [Ca 2+ ]i oscilation during the growth and meiotic maturation of mouse oocytes

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Results of the research of Douglas-fir in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: a review

(Pseudotsuga menziesii /Mirbel/Franco.) ve vybraných oblastech ČR. (Diplomová práce), Praha, ČZU: 67 p. Kupka, I., Podrázský, V., Kubeček, J., 2013: Soil-forming effect of Douglas fir at lower altitudes. Journal of Forest Research 59:345–351. Larson, B., 2010: The dynamics of Douglas-fir stands. In: Opportunities and risks for Douglas fir in a changing climate. Oc. 18–20, 2010 Freiburg, Berichte Freiburger Forstliche Forschung, Freiburg 85:9–10. Máliš, F., Vladovič, J., Čaboun, V., Vodálová, A., 2010: The influence of Picea

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Current possibilities and prospects of using fungicides in forestry

benomyl, captan and chlorothalonil on soil microbial activity and nitrogen dynamics in laboratory incubations. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 33(14): 1971–1980. DOI 10.1016/S0038-0717(01). Chen S.K., Edwards C.A. 2001. A microcosm approach to assess the effects of fungicides on soil ecological processes and plant growth: comparisons of two soil types. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 33(14): 1981–1991. DOI 10.1016/S0038-0717(01). Chiocchio V., Venedikian N., Martinez A. E., Menendez A., Ocampo J. A., Godeas A. 2000. Effect of the fungicide benomyl on spore

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Healthy Multifunctional Spectra of Milk Glycoproteins and Their Fragments - a Review Article

-124. Aleinik S.I., Stan E.Y., Chernikov M.P., Study of the mechanism of acid secretion inhibition with κ-casein peptides in the stomach. Fiziologicheskii Zhurnal SSSR, 1986, 72, 799-803. Andres M.T., Fierro J.F., Antimicrobial mechanism of action of transferrins: Selective inhibition of H+-ATPase. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother., 2010, 54, 4335-4342. Andersen J.H., Osbakk S.A., Vorland L.H., Traavik T., Gutteberg T.J., Lactoferrin and cyclic lactoferricin inhibit the entry of human cytomegalovirus into human fibroblasts

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Some bioecological aspects of the rose aphid, Macrosiphum rosae (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and its natural enemies

atlas of pests of ornamental trees, shrubs and flower. Wolfe Publishing Ltd. [9] Behdad, E. (1988), Pests and diseases of forest trees and shrubs and ornamental plants of Iran, Neshat Publishers. [10] Rhomberg, L. R., Joseph, S., Singh, R. S. (1985), Seasonal variation and clonal selection in cyclically parthenogenetic rose aphids (Macrosiphum rosae), Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 27(2), 224-232. [11] Tomiuk, J., Wohrmann, K. (1980), Population growth and population structure of natural populations of

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Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and development cycles of temperate natural forest ecosystems

: Fischer. 310 p. K ošulič , M., 2010. Cesta k přírode blízkému hospodářskému lesu [How to grow a close-to-nature commercial forest]. Brno: FSC ČR – Forest Stewardship Council. 452 p. K rál , K., D aněk , P., J aník , D., K růček , M., V rška , P., 2018. How cyclical and predictable are Central European temperate forest dynamics in terms of development phases? Journal of Vegetation Science , 29: 84–97. K uemmerle , T., C haskovskyy , O., K norn , J., R adeloff , V.C., K ruhlov , I., K eeton , W.S., H ostert , P., 2009. Forest cover change and illegal

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