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Václav Šimůnek, Zdeněk Vacek, Stanislav Vacek, Ivo Králíček and Karel Vančura

.) in a changing climate Potential risks for European beech ( Fagus sylvatica L.). Trees, 21:1–11. Granier, A., Reichstein, M., Bréda, N., Janssens, I. A., Falge, E., Ciais, P., 2007: Evidence for soil water control on carbon and water dynamics in European forests during the extremely dry year: 2003. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 143:123–145. Hartl-Meier, C., Zang, C., Büntgen, U., Esper, J., Rothe, A., Göttlein, A. et al., 2018: Uniform climate sensitivity in tree-ring stable isotopes across species and sites in a mid-latitude temperate forest

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Akshay Sharma, Madhumeet Singh, Pravesh Kumar and Pradeep Kumar Dogra

reproductive performance in dairy buffaloes: major constrains and achievement. Reproduction Supplement, 61, 27–36. 7. Patel, P.M., Dhami, A.J., & Kalyani, I.H. (2005). Puerperal events, bacterial isolates of cervico-vaginal mucus and reproductive performance of cows. Indian Veterinary Journal, 82, 759-762. 8. Rajmon, R., Sichtar, J., & Vostry, L., Rehak, D. (2012). Ovarian follicle growth dynamics during the postpartum period in Holstein cows and effects of contemporary cyst occurrence. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 57(12), 562-572. 9. Sharma, A

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László Tóth

. - Journal of Mammalogy 77: 8-24. Luttich, S. N., Keith, L. B. & Stephenson, J. D. 1971. Population dynamics of the Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis) at Rochester, Alberta. - The Auk 88: 75-87. Millon, A. & Bretagnolle, V. 2008. Predator population dynamics under a cyclic prey regime: numerical responses, demographic parameters and growth rates. - Oikos 117: 1500-1510. Millon, A., Arroyo, B. E. & Bretagnolle, V. 2008. Variable but predictable prey availability affects predator breeding success: natural versus experimental

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Grzegorz Bzdon and Janusz Krechowski

Polsce (The state of isolated natural populations on thistle Carlina onopordifolia in Poland). Parki Nar. i Rez. Przyr. 27: 15-32. Didukh J., Korotchenko I. 2003. Kserotermna roslinnist pivnychno-zahidnogo Podillia (Xero-thermic vegetation of north-western part of Podillya region). Visn. Lviv. un-tu. Ser. Biol. Vyp. 34: 82-91. Fijałkowski D. 1970. O cyklicznym zakwitaniu dziewięćsiłu popłocholistnego Carlina onopordifolia Bess. w rezerwacie Rogów na Lubelszczyźnie (On cyclic flowering of Caroline thistle Carlina

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Sebastian Kutyła

-56. DĄBROWSKI M. 2002. Changes in the water level of lakes northeastern Poland. Limnological Rev., 2: 85-92. DĄBROWSKI M. 2004. Trends in changes of lake water levels in the Pomerania Lakeland. Limnological Rev., 4: 85-92. DĄBROWSKI M., WĘGLARCZYK S. 2005. Cyclical nature of fluctuations in the levels of lakes of Northern Poland. Limnological Rev., 5: 61-67. DU Y., XUE H.P., WU S.J., LING F., XIAO F., WEI X.H. 2011. Lake area changes in the middle Yangtze region of China over 20th century, J. Environ. Manage., 92(4): 1248

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Guillaume Halliez, Clémence Marie Lucie Becel and Victoria Canella

., Delattre, P. & Giraudoux, P. 2010. Dietary response of Barn Owls (Tyto alba) to large variations in populations of Common Voles (Microtus arvalis) and European Water Voles (Arvicola terrestris) . – Canadian Journal of Zoology 88: 416–426. DOI: 10.1139/Z10-011 Berthier, K., Piry, S., Cosson, J. F., Giraudoux, P., Foltête, J. C., Defaut, R., Truchetet, D. & Lambin, X. 2013. Dispersal, landscape and travelling waves in cyclic vole populations. – Ecology Letters 17(1): 53–64. DOI: 10.1111/ele.12207 Boireau, J. 2009. Problèmes posés par l’effraie des clochers

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Michał Lorenc, Renata Dondajewska and Lech Kaczmarek

References Choiński A., 2007, Limnologia fizyczna Polski (Physical limnology of Poland), Wyd. Nauk. UAM, Poznań, p. 550 (in Polish). Dąbrowski M., 2004, Trends in changes of lake water levels in the Pomerania Lakeland, Limnol. Rev. 4: 75-80. Dąbrowski M., Węglarczyk S., 2005, Cyclical nature of fluctuations in the levels of lakes of Northern Poland, Limnol. Rev. 5: 61-67. Górniak A., Piekarski K., 2002, Seasonal and multiannual changes of water levels in lakes of northeastern Poland, Pol

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Anneka Mordhorst, Heiner Fleige, Iris Zimmermann, Bernd Burbaum, Marek Filipinski, Eckhard Cordsen and Rainer Horn

spatial variation caused by vertical holes on changes in soil aeration. Soil and Tillage Research, 177, 61–68. 10.1016/j.still.2017.11.008 Zhai X. und R. Horn 2018a Effect of static and cyclic loading including spatial variation caused by vertical holes on changes in soil aeration Soil and Tillage Research 177 61 68 Zhai, X. und R. Horn (2018b): Dynamics of pore functions and gas transport parameters in artificially ameliorated soils due to static and cyclic loading. Geoderma, im Druck (in press). Zhai X. und R. Horn 2018b Dynamics of pore

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Ihor Kozak, Barbara Typiak, Taras Parpan and Hanna Kozak

References Botkin D.B. 1993. Forest Dynamics: An Ecological Model. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 309 p. ISBN 0-19-506555-7. Botkin D.B., Janak J.F., Wallis J.R. 1972. Some Ecological Consequences of a computer Model of Forest Growth. Journal of Ecology 60(3): 849-872. DOI 10.3161/15052249PJE2015.63.2.004. Brzeziecki B. 1991. Ecological growth Model of the Forest: some methodical and calibration problems. Sylwan 9: 5-15. Brzeziecki B. 1999.Ekologiczny model drzewostanu. Konstrukcja

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Jian Li, Shanxiong Chen and Lingfa Jiang

Subgrade Soils due to Repeated Loading, Transportation Research Record, 1975(537): 1-17. 10. Stewart H E: Permanent Strain From Cyclic Variable- Amplitude Loadings, Journal Geotechnical Engineering, ASCE, 1986,112(6): 646-660. 11. Cai Ying, Cao Xinwen: Study of the Critical Dynamic Stress and Permanent Strain of the Subgrade-Soil under the Repeated Load, Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University, 1996, 31(1): 1-5. 12. XIE Dingyi: Soil Dynamics, Xi’an: Xi’an Jiaotong University, 1986. 13. Seed H B, Chan C K