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B. Wrana

media. Int J Numer Meth Eng., 5, 419-42, 1973. 6. O.C. Zienkiewicz, P. Bettess, Soils and other saturated media under transient dynamic conditions; General formulation and the validity of various simplying assumptions. [In:] G.N. Pande, O.C. Zienkiewicz, editors. Soil mechanics - transient and cyclic loads; 1982 [chapter 1]. 7. O.C. Zienkiewicz, A.H.C. Chan, M. Pastor, B.A. Scherefler, T. Shiomi, Computational Geomechanics with Special Reference to Earthquake Engineering. Wiley: Chichester, England, 1999. 8. R. de Boer

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R. Nagórski

), Scientific Publishers PWN (Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN), Warsaw, 1982. 5. Cz. Eimer, “Theory of multiphase media” (in Polish), Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Mechanika Teoretyczna i Stosowana) 10 (2) (1972) 243-258. 6. Cz. Woźniak, “Foundations of deformable bodies dynamics” (in Polish), Scientific Publishers PWN (Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN), Warsaw 1969. 7. L. Wang, “Mechanics of Asphalt. Microstructure and Micromechanics”, McGraw-Hill, New York 2011. 8. J. Fish, K. Shek, “Multiscale analysis of composite materials and structures”, Composite Science

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T. Godlewski

element test”, Dyna, 79: 10-18, 2012. 9. C. R. I. Clayton, “Stiffness at small strain: research and practice”, Geotechnique 61, (1), 2011. 10. B. M. Darendeli, “Development of a new family of normalized modulus reduction and material damping curves. PhD dissertation, University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA, 2001. 11. M. Dysli, W. Steiner, “Correlations in soil mechanics”. PPUR Presses Polytechniques, 92, 2011. 12. R. Dyvik, C. Madhus, “Lab measurements of Gmax using bender elements”, Advance in the art of testing soils under cyclic conditions (ed

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Radosław Zimroz, Jacek Urbanek, Tomasz Barszcz, Walter Bartelmus, Fabien Millioz and Nadine Martin

gearboxes in non-stationary operating conditions. Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing , 23(5), 1528-1534. Grzadziela, A. (2007). An analysis of possible assessment of hazards to ship shaft line, resulting from impulse load. Polish Maritime Research , 14(3), 12-20. Bartelmus, W., Chaari, F., Zimroz, R., Haddar, M. (2010). Modelling of gearbox dynamics under time varying non-stationary operation for distributed fault detection and diagnosis. European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids , 29, 637

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Sze-Wei Khoo, Saravanan Karuppanan and Ching-Seong Tan

References [1] Haglage, T.L., Wood, H.A. (1969). Scratch strain gage evaluation. Air Force Flight Dynamics Lab. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Tech. Rep. AFFDL-TR-69-25. [2] Khan, A.S., Wang, X.W. (2001). Metal-foil resistance strain gages. Strain measurements and Stress Analysis. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. [3] Epsilon Tech. Co., Wyoming, USA. (2010). [4] Principles of Stresscoat, Brittle Coating for Experimental Stress Analysis, Oconomowoc, WI, USA

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Eva Partene, Luminita Fekete-Nagy and V. Stoian

. Cyclic in-plane experimental tests for evaluation of shear capacity of brick masonry walls. 9 th International Masonry Conference. Guimaraes. Portugal. Partene, E. 2013. Numerical analysis for evaluation of shear capacity of brick masonry walls. Vienna Congress on Recent Advances in Eartquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics. Vienna, Austria.

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Mahmoud Sadeghpour

References Roeder, C.W, Lehman, D.E, Yoo J. H, “Performance-Based Seismic Design of Braced-Frame Gusset Plate Connections”, Connections in Steel Structures V-Amsterdam - June 3-4, 2004. Aristszabal-occhoa JD. “Disposable Knee Bracing: improvement in seismic design of steel frames” journal of structural engineering, ASCE 1986; 112(7): 1544-52 Balendra T., “Diagonal Brace with Ductile Knee Anchor for and Seismic Steel Frames”, Journal of Earthquake Engineering Structural Dynamics, Nol.19, 1990, pp. 847-858. Ming-Tuck Sam Thambirajah Balendra