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Nikola Fabris and Nina Vujanović

Economies (International Monetary Fund Working Paper 00/29), Washington: IMF. 4. Calvo, G. & Vegh, C. (1992). Currency Substitution in Developing Countries: An Introduction. Revista de Análisis Económico–Economic Analysis Review, 7 (1), pp. 3-27. 5. Carranza, L., Galdon-Sanchez, J. E., & Gomez-Biscarri, J. (2009). Exchange rate and inflation dynamics in dollarized economies. Journal of Development Economics , 89 (1), pp. 98-108. 6. Ca’ Zorzi, M., Hahn, E., & Sánchez, M. (2007). Exchange rate pass-through in emerging markets (European Central Bank

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Riccardo Valente

, Einaudi, Turin. Graziani A., 1998, Lo sviluppo dell’economia italiana: dalla rico-struzione alla moneta europea , Bollati Boringhieri. Graziani A., Meloni F., 1973, Inflazione e fluttuazione della lira , Note economiche, Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Homburg S., 2014, Critical Remarks on Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ , Discussion Paper No. 530, Leibniz University of Hannover. Kalecki M., 1956, Theory of Economic Dynamics, an Essay on Cyclical and Long-Run Changes in Capitalist Economy , Routledge, London. Kalecki M., 1968

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Zdravko Šergo, Amorino Poropat and Jasmina Gržinić

, Money and Contractions: A historical view," Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol.57, pp.1-18. Bry, G. and C. Boschan, 1971. Cyclical Analysis of Economic Time Series: Selected Procedures and Computer Programs, NBER Technical Working Paper No. 20. Burns, A. and W. Mitchell, 1946. Measuring business cycles, New York: NBER. Canova, F., 2007. Methods for Applied Macroeconomic Research, Princeton University Press. Claessens, Stijn, M. Ayhan Kose, and Marco E. Terrones

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Alan Domić

Rate Dynamics and the Phillips Curve"], Croatian National Bank Working Paper Series, No. I-031. Leith, C, Malley, J. (2003), "Estimated Open Economy New Keynesian Phillips Curves for the G7", CESifo Working Paper Series, No. 834. Mazumder, S. (2010), "The New Keynesian Phillips Curve and the Cyclicality of Marginal Cost", Journal of Macroeconomics, Vol. 32, No. 3, pp. 747-765. Mihailov, A, Rumler, F., Scharler, J. (2011), "The Small Open-Economy New Keynesian Phillips Curve: Empirical

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Vesna Bucevska

References Albanian Institute of Statistics (2017). (Accessed April 11, 2017). Aristovnik, A. (2006). Current Account Sustainability In Selected Transition Countries. William Davidson Institute Working Papers Series wp844: William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan. Bussière, M., Fratzscher, M. and Muller, G. J. (2006). Current Account Dynamics in OECD and New EU Member States: An Intertemporal Approach. Journal of Economic Integration, 21, 593-618. Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (2017). www

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Ferit Kula and Alper Aslan

, University of Cambridge. Phillips, P. C. B. and Sul, D. (2003) "Dynamic panel estimation and homogeneity testing under cross section dependence", Econometrics Journal, 6, 217-259. Song, F. M. and Wu, Y. (1998) "Hysteresis unemployment: evidence from OECD countries", The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 38, 181-192. Summers, L., (2003) "Cyclical dynamics in the new economy", Journal of Policy Modeling 25, 525-530.

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Yu Hsing

REFERENCES Abraham, K. G. and Haltiwanger, J. C. 1995. Real wages and the business cycle. Journal of Economic Literature 33(3): 1215-1264. Audzei, V. and Brázdik, F. 2015. Exchange rate dynamics and its effect on macroeconomic volatility. The Working Paper Series No. 7 of the Czech National Bank (CNB). Bahmani-Oskooee, M. and Kutan, A. M. 2008. Are devaluations contractionary in emerging economies of Eastern Europe?. Economic Change and Restructuring 41(1): 61-74. Barro, R. J. 1974. Are government bonds net wealth?. Journal of Political

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Gheorghita Dinca, Marius Sorin Dinca and Catalina Popione

Department. Cimadomo, J., 2012. Fiscal Policy in real time. The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 114 (2), 440-465. doi: Daniel, B. C., and Shiamptanis, C., 2013. Pushing the limit? Fiscal policy in the European Monetary Union. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 37 (11), 2307-2321. doi: De Hoyos, R. E., and Sarafidis, V., 2006. Testing for Cross-sectional Dependence in Panel Data Models. Stata Journals, 6 (4), 482-496. Favero, C., Giavazzi, F

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Ion-Lucian Catrina

:// [11] Catrina, I. L. (2013). Intergenerational Equity of Public Debt, European Journal of Science and Theology , 9(2), pp. 167-174. [12] Escolano, J. (2010). A Practical Guide to Public Debt Dynamics, Fiscal Sustainability, and Cyclical Adjustment of Budgetary Aggregates, IMF. [13] Hagemann, R. (2012). Fiscal Consolidation: Part 6. What Are the Best Policy Instruments for Fiscal Consolidation?, OECD Economics Department Working Papers , No. 937, OECD Publishing. [14

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Olcay Çolak and Serap Palaz

Economic Dynamics & Control, 12 (2-3), 231-254. doi: Johansen, S., and Juselius, K., 1990. Maximum likelihood estimation and inference on cointegration: With applications to the demand for money. Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 52 (2), 169-210. doi: Kamas, L., and Joyce, P. J., 1993. Money, income and prices under fixed exchange rates: Evidence from causality tests and VARs. Journal of Macroeconomics, 15 (4), 747-768. doi: http