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MR-proADM and MR-proANP levels in patients with acute pulmonary embolism

mortality rates in high and low-risk groups according to sPESI. sPESI Hospitalmortality n (%) 1 th month mortality n (%) 3 th month mortality n (%) Total mortality n (%) Ex Live Ex Live Ex Live Ex Live High (n = risk 55) 6(10.9) 49(89.1) 3(6.1) 46(93.9) 2(4.3) 44(95.7) 11(20) 44(80) Low (n = risk 27) 1(3.7) 26(96.3) 0(0) 26(100) 1(3.8) 25(96.2) 2(7.4) 25(92.6) X 2 , p value 1.204, > 0.05 1.658, > 0.05 0.010, > 0.05 2.153, > 0.05 When cut-off was taken as ≥ 123.3 pmol/L for MR

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Influence of tillage depth of a cultivator on the incorporation of crop residues of winter barley in a chernozem soil

on the result. The sampler (ST35 steel tube, 52 mm external diameter, 48 mm internal diameter, 2 mm wall thickness) was carefully hammered from above down to the plate. Before removing, the tube was rotated several times in order to cut off outstanding straw. After removing the core and the surrounding soil, the plate was pulled out and driven in again, but 0.05 m deeper. This process was repeated for all segments. Repeated sharpening of the tube and the plate prevented the straw being pushed into the soil instead of being cut. After air drying of samples, crop

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Influence of Tap and Hot Water Treatment Before Short-Term Storage on Biologically Active Compounds and Sensory Quality of Wild Rocket Leaves (Diplotaxis tenuifolia L.)

are suitable raw materials for the fresh-cut industry. Postharvest Biology and Technology 63: 1–10. DOI: 10.1016/j.postharvbio.2011.07.010. Michalczyk M., Macura R. 2008. Effect of storage conditions on the quality of some selected low processed vegetable products available in the markets. Żywność. Nauka. Technologia. Jakość 3(58): 96–107. [in Polish with English abstract] Nielsen T., Bergström B., Borch E. 2008. The origin of off-odours in packaged rucola ( Eruca sativa ). Food Chemistry 110: 96–105. DOI: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2008.01.063. Péneau S

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First description of histopathological lesions associated with a fatal infection of moose (Alces alces) with the liver fluke Parafasciolopsis fasciolaemorpha Ejsmont, 1932

extrahepatic bile ducts. Cross-sections of the liver parenchyma were taken, cutting it perpendicularly to the bile ducts. Isolation and identification of trematodes and their eggs . After examination, the liver was cut into small pieces. Each slice was compressed so that flukes exited the bile ducts and was then rinsed with water. Mature flukes and eggs were then isolated from the decanted liver sediment as protocolled by Dróżdż ( 2 ). Trematodes were identified by morphometrical features ( 4 , 18 ) and counted under a stereoscopic microscope (PZO, Poland) at 10

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Dual roles of the mineral metabolism disorders biomarkers in prevalent hemodilysis patients: In renal bone disease and in vascular calcification

. However, the time spent on HD, which includes all such events was selected as a significant independent predictor of VC. Nevertheless, it may be assumed that FGF23, as a key regulator of mineral homeostasis, connected with all previous disorders, was singled out here as a variable significantly associated with VC. Many studies reported association between PWV and VC ( 37 , 38 ). We failed to find this relationship but PWV above the cut off value of 12 was detected in only five patients and all of them had the highest VC score of 8. Multivariate linear regression

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Effects of ketosis in dairy cows on blood biochemical parameters, milk yield and composition, and digestive capacity

adipose tissue suggested increased content of milk fat and changed milk fatty acid composition, and also caused decreased milk protein content ( 6 , 25 ). Several authors reported that ketosis decreases both milk lactose yield and lactose percentage ( 4 ), and high availability of blood glucose and a cow’s positive metabolic energy status are always translated into high milk lactose yield and lactose percentage ( 18 ). A high milk fat : protein ratio is considered to be a signifier of a high risk of ketosis in dairy cattle ( 2 ). Research described cut-off points for

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Sustainable intensification of agricultural production: a review of four soil amendments

transformation rates. In general, liming promotes N fixation by the soil microbial community ( Holland et al., 2018 ). The effects on N mineralization are less clear-cut. N mineralization has been reported to increase, decrease, or remain unchanged ( Bailey et al 1995 ; Kemmitt et al., 2006 ; Wachendorf et al., 2015 ) but probably ameliorates with repeated lime applications ( Holland et al., 2018 ); however, if augmented, also availability for plant uptake increases and crop yields can benefit correspondingly, but N losses via nitrate leaching into groundwater can be spurred

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Bacterial Biofilms on Food Contact Surfaces - a Review

elevated temperature and pH value. J. Food Sci., 1988a, 51, 445-448. Hood S. K., Zottola E. A., Biofilms in food processing. Food Contr., 1995, 6, 9-18. Hood S. K., Zottola E. A., Isolation and identification of adherent gram-negative microorganisms from four meat-processing facilities. J. Food Sci., 1997, 60, 1135-1138. Howell D., Behrends B., A review of surface roughness in antifouling coatings illustrating the importance of cut off length. Biofouling, 2006, 22, 401

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Eating Disorders: Problems of Contemporary Civilisation – A Review

., Wojtyła A., Dietary habits and body image perception among Polish adolescents and young adults - a population based study. Ann. Agricult. Environm. Medic., 2012, 19, 299-308. 58. Krabbenborg M.A.M., Danner U.N., Larsen J.K., Van Der Veer N., Van Elburg A.A., De Ridder D.T.D., Evers C., Stice E., Engels R.C.M.E., The eating disorder diagnostic scale: Psychometric features within a clinical population and a cut-off point to differentiate clinical patients from healthy controls. Eur. Eat. Disord. Rev., 2012, 20, 315-320. 59. Kratina K

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Low-frequency ultrasound can drive the transport of nanoparticles and molecules in polymer gels for biotechnology applications

reverberation and reflections from walls of the vessel which contain the liquid ( 5 ). Ultrasonic horns immersed in aqueous fluids have been reported to stimulate, remotely, drug-release from polymers. For a recently published example, the application of ultrasound using an immersed transducer held remotely at a distance of 1.5 cm enhanced release of fluorescein from poly(lactic acid-co-glycolic acid), PLGA, implants that were injected into tissue-mimicking hydrogel phantoms (acrylamide, 2kPa elastic modulus) ( 6 ). However, in that example, ultrasound at 3MHz and only at

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