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Drug efficacy of ivermectin against primary nematodes parasitizing captive Przewalski’s horse (Equus ferus przewalskii) after ten years of annually treatment

#345 did not exceed 10 EPG at any time, so the data were not shown. Apart from the two representative horses, examination of PHs before (screening FEC > 20 EPG) and after treatment (FEC = 0 EPG) show a 100 % FECR for both P. equorum and strongyles, with the lower confidence limit (99.2 %) above the designated 90 % cut-off. Fig. 1 Changes in Parascaris equorum egg counts per gram of feces in PH #105 and PH #345 from November 27th to December 15th, 2015. Discussion A common pattern is observed in P. equorum FEC among the different captive PH

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A New Technique for The Therapy of Complicated Deep Tissue Infection (with 4 Cases)

the gap of sartorius in right limb. A large amount of pus flowed out, and the body temperature reached 39.5°C. 2.2 Methods A total of 5 self-made double perfusion cannulas were cut into the required lengths and placed at the lowest point of the standing position and the lateral position, while rinsing with normal saline to keep low negative pressure suction. The drainage tube was replaced every 2 days. 2.3 Results On the second day, the patient’s body temperature returned to normal; on the seventh day, the scrotum and the sinus of the sartorius gap

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Effect of muramyl dipeptide and alum adjuvants on immunization with Filarial multi antigen peptide vaccine in mice model

periodically after immunization and stored at -80 °C and the antibody titer was determined by ELISA, in which 96-well microtiter plates (Immulon2, Dynatech, VA, USA) were coated with 100 ng/well of respective antigen. The plates were blocked with 5 % skimmed milk, after washing with PBST and PBS, a 2 fold serial dilution from 1:500 to 1:64000 were performed using respective antisera. The antibody titer was determined by fixing a cut-off value which was obtained by the mean plus 3SD of the OD value of pre-immune serum. The highest dilution of the antiserum that showed an OD

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