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Draft for Revision of the Standards EN 12640 and EN 12641 Regarding the Securing of Cargo on Road Means of Transport

Arctic Engineering, 19-24 June 2016 (Article Number: UNSP V003T02A023). Busan, South Korea: AMER SOC MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. ISBN:978-0-7918-4994-1 [8] Muzaffarova, M. & Mirakhmedov, M. (2016). Prospects fixation drift sands physicochemical method. Transport Problems, 11(3), 143-152. DOI: 10.20858/tp.2016.11.3.14. [9] Krile, S., Peraković, D. & Remenar, V. (2009). Possible Collision Avoidance with Off-Line Route Selection. Promet & Transportation, 21(6), pp. 415-423. ISSN 0353-5320. [10] Lorenc, A., Michnej, M. & Szkoda, M. (2014). An information system

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Linking the triple helix (university-industry-government) to the quadruple helix of university-industry-government – civil society in the field of international business and economics

-208. Etzkowitz, H., and Zhou, C. (2006). Triple Helix twins: innovation and sustainability, Science and Public Policy, volume 33, number 1, pp 77-83. Ghinea, V. M., Dima, A. M., & Hadad, S. (2017). EXCELLENCE MODEL FOR SUSTAINABLE CONVERGENCE IN THE EU HIGHER EDUCATION. Amfiteatru Economic, 19(11), 1107-1122. Gibbons, M., Limoges, C., Nowotny H., Schwartzmann, S., Scott, P. and Trow, M. 1994. The New Production of Knowledge, Sage. Gladwin, T. Kennelly, J. Tara-Shelomith, K (1995) - Shifting Paradigms for Sustainable Development

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Optimization of Flood Protection by Semi-Natural Means and Retention in the Catchment Area: A Case Study of Litavka River (Czech Republic)

References ADAMEC, M., BŘEZKOVÁ, L., HANZLOVÁ, M., HORÁK, J., UNUCKA, J. (2006): Modelování vlivu land use na srážkoodtokové vztahy s podporou GIS. Příspěvek na konferenci Říční krajina 4. Olomouc, PřF UPOL, p. 335-350. ADAMEC, M., UNUCKA, J. (2007): Modelování vlivu land use na erozní procesy s podporou GIS. In: sborník konference Říční krajina 2007. PřF UP, Olomouc, 10 pp. ANDERSON, D. J. (2000): GIS-based hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for floodplain delineation at highway river crossings. MS

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Critical success factors for build–operate–transfer (BOT) projects in China

and management and the extent to which BOT projects ensure timely delivery and supply good quality assets and services. This draws on the practice of ‘business case’ methodological review frameworks that currently governments employ when processing BOT-type projects ( HM Treasury, 2010 ). As there are a large number of factors that affect BOT projects’ outcome, analysing each one of them separately makes little sense and is not efficient. Therefore, we proposed that CSFs must be considered in terms of their underlying ‘business case’ rationale and how they are

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Monolithic Concrete vs Precast Concrete for the Construction of Bridge by Th Cantilever Method


În cadrul articolului cu titlul „Beton monolit versus beton prefabricat la execuția în consolă a podurilor” vor fi abordate o serie de probleme care apar atât la proiectarea cât şi la execuţia structurilor de poduri din beton precomprimat utilizând metoda execuţiei în consolă.

Această metodă a revoluţionat podurile din beton, din punct de vedere al deschiderilor şi al uşurinţei traversării unor obstacole dificile. În afara avantajelor realizării unor structuri din beton monolit prin execuţie în consolă, utilizarea elementelor prefabricate conduce la micşorarea semnificativă a timpului de execuţie şi la diminuarea problemelor care pot apărea din cauza curgerii lente şi a contracţiei betonului.

Materialul prezentat în cadrul articolului cu titlul „Beton monolit versus beton prefabricat la execuția în consolă a podurilor” va prezenta principiul metodei de execuţie în consolă, avantajele utilizării acestei metode, cazurile particulare pentru care se pretează o astfel de structură, scheme statice şi secţiunile transversale adoptate pentru acest tip de structuri, cât şi modul de îmbinare al tronsoanelor prefabricate în funcţie de generaţia din care fac parte.

De asemenea, se va prezenta un studiu de caz în care vor fi analizate cele doua variante de execuție în consolă (turnare monolită a tronsoanelor respectiv montare de tronsoane prefabricate) și vor fi prezentate concluzii privind oportunitatea utilizării uneia dintre cele două variante.

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Measuring Patients′ Satisfaction in For-Profit Orthopedic Hospital

systematic review. Phys Ther., 91(1), 25-36. Institute of Medicine (2001). Crossing the quality chasm: a new health system for the 21th century. Washington DC: IOM. Retrieved from Kleeberg, U. R., Tews, J. T., Ruprecht, T., Höing, M., Kuhlmann, A., & Runge, C. (2005). Patient satisfaction and quality of life in cancer outpatients: Results of the PASQOC* study. Supportive Care in Cancer, 13(3), 303-310.

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The Second-order h-type Indicators for Identifying Top Units

for the success of the h-index is its ability to delimit the core part (in terms of citation impact) of a publication set in a simple way. Furthermore, it is one of the few indicators which combine output and impact in a single number. When the h-index is used within a single-subject category (or related subject categories) and with publications from a same time period, it might be an interesting complement to other bibliometric indicators. Since the introduction of the h-index in 2005, the results of many studies on the index have been published. Recently, various

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