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Mincho B. Hadjiski, Lyubka A. Doukovska and Stefan L. Kojnov

. [19] M. Hadjiski, V. Totev, and R. Yusupov, “Softsensing-based flame position estimation in steam boiler combustion chamber,” in Distributed Computer and Communication Networks, 2005. [20] M. Hadjiski, V. Petkov, and E. Mihailov, “A software environment for approximate model design of a low-calorithic coal combustion in power plant boilers,” Modelling and Optimization of Pollutant Reduced Industrial Furnaces, 2000. [21] R. Eisenman, Machinery Malfunction Diagnosis and Correction. Diagnostyka3 (39), 2006. [22] M

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Beata Krupanek

. Barsony, A. van den Berg, C. Cobianu, “Mathematical modelling of porous silicon based pellistor-type catalytic flammable gas sensors”, Microelectronics Journal 29/1998, pp.235–239. [11] M. Krawczyk, J. Namiesnik, “Application of a catalytic combustion sensor (pellistor) for the monitoring of the explosiveness of a hydrogenair mixture in the upper explosive limit range”, Journal of Automated Methods & Management in Chemistry, vol.25, no.5, pp.115-122. [12] A. Kumar et all, “Application of gas monitoring sensors in underground coal mines and hazardous areas

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Konstanty Marszałek, Jacek Stępień and Ryszard Mania

References [1] Zeldovich Ya.B , Frank-Kamenetski D.A., (1938), The theory of thermal propagation of flames, Zh. Fiz. Khim. 12, 100–105 (in Russian); English translation in Collected Works of Ya.B. Zeldovich, vol. 1, Princeton, Univ. Press, 1992 [2] Merzhanov A.G., Dubovitzkii F.I., (1966) Modern state of thermal explosion theory. Usp. Khim, v.35, N 4, 656-683. [3] Merzhanov A.G., (1969) The theory of stable homogeneous combustion of condensed substances, Combust. and Flame, v.13, 143-156. [4] Mania R., Wsołek M., Koziński S., (1994), Intermetallic

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Ryszard S. Romaniuk and Waldemar Wójcik

techniques of tailored optical fibers,” Proceedings of SPIE , vol. 5064, pp. 210-221, 2003. [65] J. R. Just and R. S. Romaniuk, “Highly parallel computing systems with optical interconnections,” Microprocessing and Microprogramming , vol. 27, no. 1-5, pp. 489-493, 1989. [66] R. S. Romaniuk, “Optical fiber transmission with wavelength multiplexing - faster or denser?” Proceedings of SPIE , vol. 5484, pp. 19-28, 2004. [67] W. Wójcik, “Application of fibre-optic flame monitoring systems to diagnostics of combustion process in