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Ewan McGaughey

, proprietary domination will matter less, networks more. The corporations building combustion motors, pumping oil they run on, and bankrolling oil’s extraction, may dominate the global economy today, but that will not last for long. Compare the Fortune Global 500 (listed by revenue) and the FTGlobal500 (listed by market value). The unending barrage of crisis and moral collapse is beyond words. However, some of those words are recounted in the growing list of inside story’ bestsellers, such as Bob Woodward, Fear: Trump in the White House (2018) or MichaelWolff, Fire and

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Ovidiu Iorga, Octavian Orban, Liviu Matache and Cristiana Epure

, H. Reichenbach, A. Kuhl, Charges-Combustion in Chambers and Tunnels, in proc. 34 International ICT Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany, June 24-27, 2003. [5] F. Zhang, K. Gerrard, Reaction Mechanism of Aluminium Particle Air Detonation, Journal of Propulsion and Power, volume 25, p. 845-858, 2009.

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Aranit Shkurti

Political System of the Republic of Macedonia between the Rule of Ethnos and Demos. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4(10), 598. Statistics, I. E. A. (2011). CO2 emissions from fuel combustion-highlights. IEA, Paris . Cited July. Suganthi, L., & Samuel, A. A. (2012). Energy models for demand forecasting—A review. Renewable and sustainable energy reviews, 16(2), 1223-1240. Xypolytou, E., Gawlik, W., Zseby, T., & Fabini, J. (2018). Impact of Asynchronous Renewable Generation Infeed on Grid