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Solomon A. Ryemshak, Aliyu Jauro, Istifanus Y. Chindo and Eno O. Ekanem

, Belgium, 1996, pp. 1-10 [12] Soundarraja, N.; Krishnamurthy, N.; Gibson, L.M.; Shadle, L.J.; Pisupati, S.V.: A study of the transformation of mineral matter in bituminous coal fractions during gasification in a drop-tube reactor, Proc. 2013 ICCS&T, EMS Energy Institute, State College, USA, 2013, pp. 356-359 [13] Shirazi, A.R.; Bortin, O.; Eklund, L.; Lindqvist, O.: The impact of mineral matter in coal on its combustion and a new approach to the determination of the calorific value of coal, J. Fuel, 1995, 74(2), 247-251 DOI: 10

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Timea Halmagy, Emilia Mosony, József Fazekas, Maria Spataru and Firuta Goga

.: Development and use of sulpho- and ferro-aluminate cements in China, Adv. Chem. Res. 1999 1, 15-21 DOI: 10.1680/adcr.1999.11.1.15 [4] Soner, I.: Utilization of fluidized bed combustion ashes as raw material in the production of a special cement, M.Sc. Dissertation, Middle East Technical University, Haziran, Turkey, June 2009 [5] Majling, J.; Roy, M.D.: The potential of fly ash for cement manufacture, Am. Ceram. Soc. Bull. 1993 72(10), 77-81 [6] Gartner, E

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György Heltai, Ilona Fekete, Gábor Halász, Katalin Kovács, Márk Horváth, Anita Takács, Norbert Boros and Zoltán Győri

. Chem., 2000 72, 1453-1470 10.1351/pac200072081453 [3] Caroli, S.: Element speciation in bioorganic chemistry (Wiley, New York, USA) 1996 ISBN 0-471-57641-7 [4] Kersten, M.; Förstner, M.: Speciation of trace metals in sediments and combustion waste. In Chemical speciation in the environment, Eds.: Ure, A.M.; Davidson, C.M. (Blackie Academic and Professional, London, U.K.) 1995, pp. 237-275 [5] Tessier, A.; Campbell, P.G.C.; Bisson, M.: Sequential extraction procedure for the speciation of particulate trace metals, Anal