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Mincho B. Hadjiski, Lyubka A. Doukovska and Stefan L. Kojnov

. [19] M. Hadjiski, V. Totev, and R. Yusupov, “Softsensing-based flame position estimation in steam boiler combustion chamber,” in Distributed Computer and Communication Networks, 2005. [20] M. Hadjiski, V. Petkov, and E. Mihailov, “A software environment for approximate model design of a low-calorithic coal combustion in power plant boilers,” Modelling and Optimization of Pollutant Reduced Industrial Furnaces, 2000. [21] R. Eisenman, Machinery Malfunction Diagnosis and Correction. Diagnostyka3 (39), 2006. [22] M

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Beata Krupanek

. Barsony, A. van den Berg, C. Cobianu, “Mathematical modelling of porous silicon based pellistor-type catalytic flammable gas sensors”, Microelectronics Journal 29/1998, pp.235–239. [11] M. Krawczyk, J. Namiesnik, “Application of a catalytic combustion sensor (pellistor) for the monitoring of the explosiveness of a hydrogenair mixture in the upper explosive limit range”, Journal of Automated Methods & Management in Chemistry, vol.25, no.5, pp.115-122. [12] A. Kumar et all, “Application of gas monitoring sensors in underground coal mines and hazardous areas

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Konstanty Marszałek, Jacek Stępień and Ryszard Mania

References [1] Zeldovich Ya.B , Frank-Kamenetski D.A., (1938), The theory of thermal propagation of flames, Zh. Fiz. Khim. 12, 100–105 (in Russian); English translation in Collected Works of Ya.B. Zeldovich, vol. 1, Princeton, Univ. Press, 1992 [2] Merzhanov A.G., Dubovitzkii F.I., (1966) Modern state of thermal explosion theory. Usp. Khim, v.35, N 4, 656-683. [3] Merzhanov A.G., (1969) The theory of stable homogeneous combustion of condensed substances, Combust. and Flame, v.13, 143-156. [4] Mania R., Wsołek M., Koziński S., (1994), Intermetallic

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Ryszard S. Romaniuk and Waldemar Wójcik

techniques of tailored optical fibers,” Proceedings of SPIE , vol. 5064, pp. 210-221, 2003. [65] J. R. Just and R. S. Romaniuk, “Highly parallel computing systems with optical interconnections,” Microprocessing and Microprogramming , vol. 27, no. 1-5, pp. 489-493, 1989. [66] R. S. Romaniuk, “Optical fiber transmission with wavelength multiplexing - faster or denser?” Proceedings of SPIE , vol. 5484, pp. 19-28, 2004. [67] W. Wójcik, “Application of fibre-optic flame monitoring systems to diagnostics of combustion process in

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A. Tanev, P. Mitsev and T. Lazarova


This paper presents novel green automotive platinum sensing technology together with pressure sensors design principles and applications. In recent years, worldwide emissions legislation has been introduced and is rapidly becoming more stringent. With alternative vehicular propulsion methods far from becoming mainstream reality, leading automotive providers have intensified efforts in the direction of reducing the harmful footprint of their products. This is being accomplished via smaller, appropriately designed internal combustion engines, necessitating an increased and higher-performance sensor content per vehicle. This paper elaborates on temperature sensor application in automotive exhaust gas performance sensing and as well as pressure sensors in different challenging automotive applications with very high pressure levels.