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Mincho Hadjiski, Lyubka Doukovska, Metodi Nikolov and Stefan Koynov

. – Studies in Informatics and Control, Vol. 8 , 1999, No 1. 8. Hadjiski, M., S. Dukovski. Adaptive Control of 210 MW Boiler Milling System – Comparative Analysis of Several Approaches, Invited Session DYCOMANS. – In: Proc. of IFAC Symposium on Adaptive Control and Signal Processing, Budapest, Hungary, 1995. 9. Hadjiski, M., V. Totev, R. Yusupov. Softsensing-Based Flame Position Estimation in Steam Boiler Combustion Chamber. – In: Proc. of Int. Workshop on Distributed Computer and Communication Networks, Sofia, Bulgaria, Technosphera, Moscow, 2005. 10

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Neki Frasheri and Emanouil Atanassov

. 8. Kornyei, L. Simulation of Gas Flow in a Combustion Chamber Using High Performance Computing Hardware. - In: Proc. of Workshop on the Occasion of the 60th Birthday of Ferenc Igloi, Budapest, Hungary, 3 October 2012. 9. Tanasescu, C. OpenFOAM and SGI Designed to Work Together. 10. Dord, A. L., G. M. Laskowski, A. Gupta. Investigating Primary Breakup with OpenFoam: Performance and Validation. - In: Proc

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A. Tanev, P. Mitsev and T. Lazarova


This paper presents novel green automotive platinum sensing technology together with pressure sensors design principles and applications. In recent years, worldwide emissions legislation has been introduced and is rapidly becoming more stringent. With alternative vehicular propulsion methods far from becoming mainstream reality, leading automotive providers have intensified efforts in the direction of reducing the harmful footprint of their products. This is being accomplished via smaller, appropriately designed internal combustion engines, necessitating an increased and higher-performance sensor content per vehicle. This paper elaborates on temperature sensor application in automotive exhaust gas performance sensing and as well as pressure sensors in different challenging automotive applications with very high pressure levels.

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František Synák, Marcel Frančák, Tomáš Skrúcaný and Vladimír Rievaj

., 2010, „Electronic Encyklopedia of Contruction Enginec and Vehicles“ In: 41st International Scientific Conference of Czech and Slovak University Departments and Institutions Dealing with the Research of Internal Combustion Engines, 2010, ISBN : 978-80-7372-632-4 Karimi, M., Jenkins, B., & Stroeve, P., 2016, Multi-objective optimization of transesterification in biodiesel production catalyzed by immobilized lipase. Biofuels, Bioproducts And Biorefining , 10 (6), 804-818. doi: 10.1002/bbb.1706 Komoditeonline: Online: http

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Tomáš Skrúcaný, Martin Vojtek and Gabriel Suchter

Similarity numbers in the-zone combustion model. In: Scientific journal of Silesian university of technology-series transport, Gliwice, Poland, 2010, Vol. 67, pp. 75-82. Matuszak, Z. 2012 Components validity evaluation in a complex technical structure. In: Scientific journals of the Maritine university of Szczecin-zeszyty naukowe Akademii morskej w Szczecinie, 2012, Vol. 32, Issue 104, pp. 115-122. Mruzek M. et al. 2016 Analysis of parameters influencing electric vehicle range. In: Procedia Engineering, 134/2016, pp. 165