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Romi Shamoyan and Seraphim Maksakov


The survey collects many recent advances on area Nevanlinna type classes and related spaces of analytic functions in the unit disk concern- ing zero sets and factorization representations of these classes and discusses approaches, used in proofs of these results.

Open access

S. K. Datta, T. Biswas and S. Bhattacharyya

References [1] Bernal L., Orden relative de crecimiento de funciones enteras, Collect. Math., 39(1988), 209-229. [2] Clunie J., The composition of entire and meromorphic functions, Mathe- matical Essays dedicated to A. J. Macintyre, Ohio University Press (1970), 75-92. [3] Datta S.K., Biswas T., Growth of entire functions based on relative order, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IJPAM), 51(1)(2009), 49-58. [4] Datta S.K., Kar S., On the L-order of meromorphic functions

Open access

Kuldip Raj, Charu Sharma and Suruchi Pandoh

-476. [5] C ui Y., H udzik H., Some geometric properties related to fixed point theory in Cesàro spaces, Collect. Math., 50(1999), 277-288. [6] C ui Y., R.P łuciennik , Local uniform nonsquareness in Cesàro sequence spaces, Comment. Math. Prace Mat., 37(1997), 47-58. [7] C ui Y., R.P łuciennik , Banach-Saks property and property β in Cesàro sequence spaces, Southeast Asian Bull. Math., 24(2000), 201-210. [8] F oralewski P., H udzik H., S zymaszkiewicz A., Local rotundity structure of Cesàro-Orlicz spaces, J. Math. Anal. Appl., 345