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Paul Morris

1 Introduction In The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration , Identity and Islam , Douglas Murray’s new and widely reviewed book, the associate editor of The Spectator writes of Europe’s impending suicide, mainly due to cultural pessimism and the dramatic increase in the numbers of “unassimilating”, largely Muslim, migrants ( Murray, 2017 ). The book is sensational, focussing on Muslim sexual violence and unsubstantiated claims about Muslim attitudes and behaviours, but much more significantly, the author has conflated religion and culture (and

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M. Dahlan

-Ma’āṣirah. Edition II; Dār al-Furqān. Hakim, A.H. Al-Bayān fiy Ilm Uṣūl al-Fiqh. Bandung: Maktabah Dahlan, Hakim, C. (2006). Kelong Book Makassar. Sungguminasa: Gora Pustaka Indonesia. Kawu, A.S. (2007). The story of the story of Wise People Sulsel. Makassar: Pustaka Repleksi. Khallāf, A.W. (2002).Uṣūl al-Fiqh. Bairūt: Dar al-Maktab al-Aṣriyah. Kulle, S. Tika, Z., and Najamuddin.(2007).Gowa in Turmoil; People’s Movement Against Invaders. Makassar: Yayasan Butta Gowa with the Institute for

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Olusegun Ajíbóyè, Stephen Fọlárànmí and Nanashaitu Umoru-Ọkẹ

Yorùbá wood Decorated Carvings. Journal of Arts and Ideas , 2 (3), 44–54. Atanda, J. A. (1980). An introduction to Yoruba history . Ibadan, Nigeria: Ibadan University Press. Borev, Y. (1985). Aesthetics : a textbook . Moscow: Progress Publishers. Brain, R. (1980). Art and society in Africa . London: Longman. Campbell, B. (2001). Yoruba shrine painting traditions : color, cosmos, process and aesthetics . Daramola, O., & Jeje, A. (1967). Awon Asa ati Orisa ile Yoruba. Ibadan: Onibonoje Press. Dmochowski, Z. (1990). An Introduction to

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Jan Koenderink, Andrea van Doorn and Baingio Pinna

consciousness . New York, NY: Academic Press. Cartan, É (1923). Sur les variétés à connexion affine et la théorie de la relativité généralisée (première partie). Annales Scientifiques de l’École Normale Supérieure, 40 , 325–412. Cateura, L. (1995). Oil painting secrets from a master . New York, NY: Watson & Guptill. Chadwick, H. (1992). St. Augustine, Confessions. [orig. 397-400CE] . Oxford, England: Oxford University Press. Dedekind, R. (1872). Stetigkeit und irrationale Zahlen . Braunschweig, Germany: Vieweg, p. 18. Dunn, C. (1995