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Magdalena Mikołajek-Gocejna

environmental news objectively? An analysis of environmental disclosures by firms prosecuted successfully by the Environmental protection Authority . ‘Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal’, Vol. 9, no. 2. Elkington J. (1998), Cannibals with Forks: The Triple Bottom Line of 21 st Century Business . Eri Nakamura, (2015), The bidirectional CSR investment – economic performance relationship , ‘Journal of Global Responsibility’, Vol. 6, Iss 1. European Commission (EC) (2002), Green Book: promoting a European framework for corporate social

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Teet Teinemaa

That Never Was’. – Boundary 2 43, 2, 1–25. Hayles, Katherine 2001. ‘What Cybertext Theory Can’t Do’. – Electronic Book Review . (17 October 2016). Ilves, Kaie 2016. ‘Olev Remsu pani 20 aasta märkmed kaante vahele’. – Lääne Elu , 10 September. Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim 1887. Laocoon: An Essay upon the Limits of Painting and Poetry . Trans. Ellen Frothingham. Boston: Roberts Brothers. Lotman, Juri 2004. Filmisemiootika . Trans. Elen Lotman. Tallinn: Varrak

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M. Dahlan

-Ma’āṣirah. Edition II; Dār al-Furqān. Hakim, A.H. Al-Bayān fiy Ilm Uṣūl al-Fiqh. Bandung: Maktabah Dahlan, Hakim, C. (2006). Kelong Book Makassar. Sungguminasa: Gora Pustaka Indonesia. Kawu, A.S. (2007). The story of the story of Wise People Sulsel. Makassar: Pustaka Repleksi. Khallāf, A.W. (2002).Uṣūl al-Fiqh. Bairūt: Dar al-Maktab al-Aṣriyah. Kulle, S. Tika, Z., and Najamuddin.(2007).Gowa in Turmoil; People’s Movement Against Invaders. Makassar: Yayasan Butta Gowa with the Institute for

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Olusegun Ajíbóyè, Stephen Fọlárànmí and Nanashaitu Umoru-Ọkẹ

Yorùbá wood Decorated Carvings. Journal of Arts and Ideas , 2 (3), 44–54. Atanda, J. A. (1980). An introduction to Yoruba history . Ibadan, Nigeria: Ibadan University Press. Borev, Y. (1985). Aesthetics : a textbook . Moscow: Progress Publishers. Brain, R. (1980). Art and society in Africa . London: Longman. Campbell, B. (2001). Yoruba shrine painting traditions : color, cosmos, process and aesthetics . Daramola, O., & Jeje, A. (1967). Awon Asa ati Orisa ile Yoruba. Ibadan: Onibonoje Press. Dmochowski, Z. (1990). An Introduction to