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Challenges and facilitators for health practitioners and academics engaging in collaborative research and publication: A systematic review / Herausforderungen und Förderfaktoren für gemeinsame Forschung und wissenschaftliche Publikation von Angehörigen verschiedener Gesundheitsberufe aus Praxis und Forschung: ein systematischer Review

computers, research-specific software and dedicated workspaces and administrative support were also problematic ( Metcalf et al., 2010 ). In addition, becoming a researcher was regarded as difficult due to the lack of clear career pathways ( Rickard et al., 2011 ) and balancing research activities with family life ( Metcalf et al., 2010 ). Furthermore, linking research to business planning cycles, job recruitment and advertising materials and/or nominating employees as leaders of research teams within departments varied widely. The variations indicated great differences

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Macedonian Journal of Medical Sciences
The Journal of ID Design 2012/DOOEL Skopje, Republic of Macedonia on behalf of the Macedonian Donor Registry (MKDR), Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
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Economic aspects of obesity prevention

behavior change: the WellWorks Study. Am J Public Health 1998; 88(11): 1685-90. Sorensen G, Stoddard A, Peterson K, Cohen N, Hunt MK, Stein E, et al. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption through worksites and families in the treatwell 5-a-day study. Am J Public Health 1999; 89(1); 54-60. Emmons KM, Linnan LA, Shadel WG, Marcus B, Abrams DB. The Working Healthy Project: a worksite health promotion trial targeting physical activity, diet and smoking. J Occup Environ Med 1999; 41(7): 545

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Socio-demographic factors associated with smoking habits among university students in Belgrade, Serbia

Health warnings placed on cigarette packages (without accompanying graphic images) Gradual cigarette taxes increase (closing the gap between Serbian and EU cigarette prices) Occasional low-level media campaigns Restrictions on tobacco industry advertising, promotions and sponsorships A smoke-free lifestyle should be promoted from childhood, and strengthened through school education ( 12 ). Healthcare professionals can influence their patients’ smoking habits. There are plenty of studies on medical students’ tobacco-related behaviour and attitudes, but non

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Validation of the Slovenian version of motor imagery questionnaire 3 (MIQ-3): Promising tool in modern comprehensive rehabilitation practice

-person perspectives entail KI or VI ( 23 ). Next to imagery perspective, the imagery ability may have had a significant impact upon its effectiveness, as it is likely that someone who cannot clearly imagine performing a motor task will not benefit much from MI practice ( 24 , 25 , 26 ). Therefore, to improve rehabilitation practice, by a more individualized approach, imagery ability of each patient should be assessed. To date, different methodologies were used to measure MI ability that relies on neurophysiological, behavioural, psychometric and psychophysiological foundations

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Body Image, Physical Activity and Sport Involvement: A Study on Gender Differences

REFERENCES Abbott, B.D. & Barber, B.L. (2011). Differences in functional and aesthetic body image between sedentary girls and girls involved in sports and physical activity: Does sport type make a difference? Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 12 (3), 333-342. Altabe, M. (1998). Ethnicity and body image: Quantitative and qualitative analysis. International Journal of Eating Disorders, 23 (2), 153-159. Anton, S.D., Perri, M.G. & Riley III, J.R. (2000). Discrepancy between actual and ideal body images: Impact on eating and exercise behaviors

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Marketing Sports Products on Facebook: The Effect of Social Influence

-230. Burnkrant, R.E., & Cousineau, A. (1975). Informational and normative social influence in buyer behavior. Journal of Consumer Research, 206-215. Cha, J. (2009). Shopping on social networking Web sites: Attitudes toward real versus virtual items. Journal of Interactive Advertising, 10(1), 77-93. Cohen, J. (1988). Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences: Lawrence Erlbaum. Coyle, J.R., & Thorson, E. (2001). The effects of progressive levels of interactivity and vividness in web marketing sites. Journal of

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An Examination of Mixed Martial Arts Spectators’ Motives and their Sports Media Consumption in Poland

. Multivar Behav Res, 1989; 24(4): 445–455 Bush AJ, Martin CA, Bush VD. Sports Celebrity Influence on the Behavioral Intentions of Generation Y. J Advertising Res, 2004; 44(1): 108–118 Cheever N. The Uses and Gratifications of Viewing Mixed Martial Arts. Journal of Sports Media, 2009; 4(1): 25–53 Cohen J. Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences (2nd ed.). Hillsdale NJ: Lawrence Earlbaum Associates; 1988 Conway JM, Huffcutt AI. A Review and Evaluation of Exploratory Factor Analysis Practices in Organizational Research

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Segmentation by Motivational Factors of Fantasy Football Consumers and Differences Among Segments

. Advertising Res., 24(1), 19-25. Indiana University, Sports and Entertainment Academy, Kelley School of Business. (2000). It’s football, friends, and fun, but few women interested in sports fantasy leagues, study finds. Retrieved November 30, 2017, from releases/fantasy.htm Islamoglu, A.H. & Altunisik, R. (2013). Tuketici davranislari [Consumer Behavior]. Istanbul: Beta Publications. Ketchen Jr., D.J. & Shook, C.L. (1996). The application of cluster analysis in strategic management research

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