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Consumer Involvement in the Purchasing Process: Consciousness of the Choice

References Atkinson, L., & Rosenthal, S. (2014). Signaling the Green sell: the influence of eco-label source, argument specificity, and product involvement on consumer trust. Journal of Advert , (43), 33-45. [Accessed 20.03.2019]. Available from Internet: . Biswas, A., & Roy, M. (2015). Green products: an exploratory study on the consumer behaviour in emerging economies of the East. Journal of Cleaner Production , (87), 463–468. Cerri, J., Testa, F., & Rizzi, F. (2018). The more I care, the less I

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The Influence of Organic Product Classification On Charitable Contributions Embedded in Retail Prices

Social Psychology, 28(5), 437-468. Pracejus, J., Olsen, G. D. & Brown, N. B. (2003/2004). On the Prevalence and Impact of Vague Quantifiers in the Advertising of Cause Related Marketing. Journal of Advertising, 32(4), 19-28. Reinhen, P. (1978). On inducing Compliance with Requests. Journal of Consumer Behavior, 5(2), 96-102. Rivas, A., Sheeran, P. & Armitage C. (2009). Expanding the Affective and Normative Components of the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Meta-analysis of Anticipated Affect and Moral Norms. Journal of

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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Selected Slovak Brands on the Principle of DEA Models with the Possibility to Optimise them

References Aaker, D. A. (1991). Managing brand equity: Capitalizing the value of brand name . New York, NY: Free Press. Banker, R. D., Charnes, A., & Cooper, W. W. (1984). Some models for estimating technical and scale inefficiencies in data envelopment analysis. Management Science, (30), pp. 1078-1092. Bechter, C., Farinelli, G., & Daniel, R. D. (2016). Advertising between archetype and brand personality. Administrative Sciences, (6). Coelli, T. et al. (2005). An introduction to efficiency and productivity analysis. New York: Springer

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Sensory Marketing from the Perspective of a Support Tool for Building Brand Value

. In Journal of Business Research , (65), 648-657. Huang, K. (2015). A New Era of Sensory Marketing. Global Marketing an Inspur Systems. [Accessed15.03.2018]. Available from Internet: Hulten, B., Broweus, N. & Van Dijk, M. (2009). Sensory Marketing. United Kingdom: Palgrave Macmillan UK. Kardes, F., Cronley, M. & Cline, C. (2010). Consumer Behavior . United Kingdom: Cengage Learning. Keller, K. L. (2007). Strategic Brand Management . 1 st edition, Praha: Grada Publishing. Kotler, P. (2011

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