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Methodological Perspective of Evaluation of Green Marketing Performance

.ijhm.2012.12.007 Chen, H. C., Yang, C. H. (2019). Applying a multiple criteria decision-making approach to establishing green marketing audit criteria. Journal of Cleaner Production, 210, 256–265. Chen, S. (2016). Selling the environment: green marketing discourse in China’s automobile advertising. Discourse, Context and Media, 12 , 11–19. D’Souza, C., Taghian, M., Sullivan-Mort, G., Gilmore, A. (2015). An evaluation of the role of green marketing and a firm

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The Deterministic Model With Time Delay for a New Product Diffusion in a Market

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The Effect of Socialization and Maven Characteristics on Viral Advertising

-362. Brown, S. P., & Stayman, D. M. (1992). Antecedents and consequences of attitude toward the ad: a meta-analysis. Journal of Consumer Research, 19 (1), 34-51. Chamlee-Wright, E., & Myers, J. A. (2008). Discovery and social learning in non-priced environments: An Austrian view of Social Network Theory. Review of Austrian Economics , 21 , 151-66. Chiu, H.-C., Hsieh, Y.-C., Kao, Y.-H., & Lee, M. (2007). The determinants of email receivers’ disseminating behaviors on the Internet. Journal of Advertising Research, 47 (4), 524-534. Cho, S., Huh, J

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Knowledge and Attitudes about Green Consumption in Bulgaria

References Arbuthnot, J. (1974). Environmental Knowledge and Recycling Behaviour as a Function of Attitude and Personality Characteristics. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 1(1), 119-121. Arbuthnot, J. (1977). The Roles of Attitudinal and Personality Variables in the Prediction of Environmental Behavior and Knowledge. Environment and Behavior, 9(2), 217-232. Arbuthnot, J. & Lingg, S. (1975). A Comparison of French and American Environmental Behaviours, Knowledge and Attitudes. International Journal of

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The influence of personality types on the impulsive buying behavior of a consumer

Individual Differences, 21(2), 303-307 Gohary, A.; Hanzaee, K.H. (2014). Personality Traits as Predictors of Shopping Motivations and Behaviors: A Canonical Correlation Analysis, Arab Economics and Business Journal, 9, 166-174 Gunter, B.; Furnham, A. (2014). Consumer Profiles (RLE Consumer Behaviour): An Introduction to Psychographics, Routledge, London, New York Haugtvedt, C.P.; Petty, R.E.; Cacioppo, J.T. (1992). Need for Cognition and Advertising: Understanding the Role of Personality Variables in Consumer Behavior

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The Role of Gender and Situational Factors in Wine Consumption of Generation Y

.V. 1997. Advertising’s effects on men’s gender role attitudes. Sex Roles , 36(9/10): 551-572. Gunay G.N. & Baker M.J. 2011. The factors influencing consumers’ behaviour on wine consumption in the Turkish wine market. EuroMed Journal of Business, (6)3: 324-341. Hair, J.F. Jr., Black, W.C., Babin, B.J., Anderson, R.E., & Tatham, R.L. 2006. Multivariate Data Analysis, 6th edition . Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall. Hoffman, C.A. (2004). When consumers buy wine, what factors decide the final purchase

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The Effects of a Shop's Functional Features on Children's Store Preferences

Empirical Investigation of Attribute Importance in Retail Store Selection. Journal of Retailing 53, 58-72 Klepacki, L. 1998. Courting the ‘Tweenie’ Boppers. WWD 38 (175), 10 Lindstrom, M. and Seybold, P.B. 2003. Brandchild: insights into the minds of today's global kids, Martin Lindstrom and Individual Contibutors, London, 2003 Maricic, B. 2009. Consumer Behaviour (edition in Serbian). 8 th edition. Belgrade: CID of Faculty of Economics Martineau, P. 1958. The

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Factors Influencing the Selection of Retail Chains with Large Purchasing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

References Beck J. T. Chapman K. Palmatier R. W.(2015).Understanding Relationship Marketing and Loyalty Program Effectiveness in Global Markets. Journal of International Marketing , 23(3), 1-21. Bell D.R. & Lattin J.M., (1998). Shopping Behavior and Consumer Preference for Store Price Format: Why „Large Basket“ Shoppers Prefer EDLP. Marketing Science , 17 (1), 66-88. Bell D.R. Ho T. Tang C. S. (1998). Determining Where to Shop: Fixed and Variable Costs of Shopping. Journal of Marketing Research , 35 (3), 352-369. Bellenger D

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Millennials between consumer ethnocentrism and attitudes towards local campaigns

). Consumer Behavior and Culture: Consequences for Global Marketing and Advertising. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. DIMA, A.M., HADAD, S., & CANTARAGIU, R. (2016). A conceptual analysis of business-university knowledge transfers in the energy field. ENERGY, CLIMATE CHANGE AND SUSTAINABILITY , 201-207. Durvasula, S., Andrews, C. J. and Netemeyer, R. G. (1997). A cross-cultural comparison of consumer ethnocentrism in the United States and Russia. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 9(4), 73–84. Ger, G. (1999). Localizing in the Global

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Corporate Reputation and Brand Architecture: the Debate

References Advertising Age (2008). "Unilever, P&G War Over Which is Most Ethical." March 03. Albert, S., and Whetten, D. (1985). Organizational Identity. In L. L. Cummings and B. M. Shaw (eds.)., Research in Organizational Behaviour. Greenwich: JAI Press. Alvesson, M. (1990). Organization: From substance to Image? Organization Studies, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 373-394. Balmer, J. M. T., (2002). "Corporate Brands Ten Years On: What's New?" Bradford School

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