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Personality Filters for Online News Interest and Engagement

online news headlines. Journal of Pragmatics , 76: 87-100. Cabañas, J. G., Cuevas, A. & Cuevas, R. (2018). Facebook use of sensitive data for advertising in Europe. ArXiv e-prints [online]. Retrieved from [accessed 2018, March 28]. Cisco. (2017). Cisco visual networking index: Forecast and methodology, 2016–2021 [online]. Retrieved from [accessed 2018, March 30]. Elvestad, E

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Digital payments for a digital generation
Disruptive technology in book and local newspaper industries

industries, and these merit further investigation. Our study built on two separate population surveys, one on local newspapers and one on the book industry. Our analysis found that moving audiences may not be a simple process of transition and that generational behaviour is not a straightforward phenomenon. We discovered that members of Generation Z do not use local online newspapers but rely on Facebook to stay informed about what is happening in their local community. Young people read books, but they prefer paper to e-books and audiobooks. Despite high willingness to

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Media disruption and the public interest
How private media managers talk about responsibility to society in an era of turmoil

Introduction In today’s media market, several disruptions are coming together to pose challenges to the existing media, both public and private. The greatest disruption is arguably caused by intensified competition between platforms, channels and distribution models and the concurrent disruption in traditional ways of funding media content. In what we may now coin the traditional model, private media rely on advertising to fund journalism, domestic productions and other content that is beneficial to society, but this model is “jeopardized and expected to

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The delay economy of “continuity” and the emerging impatience culture of the digital era

longer forced to watch time-structured television schedules – they have other options. The analysis will show how the communicative behaviour of the four channels, in different ways, is part of what I call a traditional delay economy associated with linear television, which relies heavily on the patience of the implied viewers. The article then discusses how the delay economy might be challenged by what I call an emerging impatience culture . The article suggests that the experience of gaining instant access to desired audio-visual content and the proliferation of

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How streaming services make cinema more important
Lessons from Norway

amount of empirical literature on the effects of film consumption migrating to non-yielding channels, such as pirate downloading and streaming platforms, migration to low-yielding channels, such as subscription-and advertising-financed streaming services, have received less attention. The first stream of research has addressed audience migration to unauthorized distribution channels, which generates no direct revenues for content producers (see e.g. Bai & Waldfogel, 2012 ; Herz & Kiljański, 2018 ; Rob & Waldfogel, 2007 ). As early as 2007, the international film

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Unboxing news automation
Exploring imagined affordances of automation in news journalism

) pointed to how the emergence of a new technology tends to be viewed from a linear perspective, with the new inevitably replacing the old technology, when examples from history show an interactive process wherein each shapes the other (25-26). Technology does not create change in a vacuum: the organizational culture, audience habits, ownership structures, socio-economic factors and infrastructure play their part. Commercial news media organizations have seen a major part of their advertising revenue shift to a handful of global tech companies, a decrease in

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Media Exposure, Utilization, Satisfaction, and Need for Service Business Information of Consumers in the Digital Economy Era

References Waicharoen, A. (2015). The impact of advertising on consumer behavior in the digital sphere. Nithetsat Thurakit Bandit , 9(1), 11-35. Electronic Transactions Development Agency, (2017), EDTA reveals Thai internet user behavior and e-commerce value and shows Thai readiness to become an ASEAN e-commerce leader , [Online] Available: (October 1, 2017) Gronroos, C. (1990). Relationship approach to

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Close Mentoring Approach: Enhancing Action Research Skills and Knowledge of Science and Mathematics Teachers

References Allen, T. D., Eby, L. T., and Lentz, E. (2006). Mentorship Behavior and Mentorship Quality Associated with Formal Mentoring Progress: Closing the Gap between Research and Practice. Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 567-578. Calderon, M. T. F. (2014). A Critique of K 12 Philippines Education System. International Journal of Education and Research. Course Hero. (2019). Department of Education, What is Action Research. Course Hero, Inc. Retrieved April 17, 2019 from

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The Beautiful Stranger – Szekler Teenagers’ Role Models

References Berta, J. (2008). A szocializációs ágensek hatása a példaképválasztásra. Új Pedagógia Szemle 58(6–7): 64–78. Bush, A. J.–Martin, C. A.–Bush, V. D. (2004). Sports Celebrity Influence on the Behavioral Intentions of Generation Y. Journal of Advertising Research 44(1): 108–118. Crosswhite, J. J.–Wilde, K.–Vescio, J. A. (2003). The Relevance of Sporting Role Models in the Lives of Adolescent Girls. ACHPER Australia Healthy Lifestyles Journal 50(3–4): 31–36. Dubow, E. F.–Huesmann, L. R.–Greenwood, D. (2006). Media and Youth

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Aspects of anthropomorphism in food advertising

Bibliografie: Aaker, Jennifer L., Art. Dimensions of Brand Personality , in Rev. Journal of Marketing Research, nr. 34 (3) , American Marketing Association, 1997. Blackston, Max, Cap. Beyond Brand Personality: Building Brand Relationships , in Vol. Brand Equity and Advertising: Advertising‟s Role in Building Strong Brands, Editors D. A. Aaker & A. L. Biel, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, New Jersey, 1993. Delbaere, Marjorie; McQuarrie, Edward F.; Phillips, Barbara J., Art. Personification in Advertising. Using a Visual Metaphor to

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