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Attitudes Towards the Use of Social Media as a Tool for Marketing

Chinese consumers’ viral marketing attitudes, eWOM motives and behaviour. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 8(2), 102-124.

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The Effects of the Media on Self-Esteem of Young Girls

References BLOWERS, L. C., LOXTON, N. J., GRADY-FLESSER, M., OCCHIPINTI, S., and DAWE, S. The relationship between sociocultural pressure to be thin and body dissatisfaction in preadolescent girls. Eating Behaviors, 4, 2003, 3, pp. 229-244. CLARK, L., and TIGGEMENN, M. Appearance Culture in Nine‐to 12‐Year‐Old Girls: Media and Peer Influences on Body Dissatisfaction. Social Development. [online]. 15, 2006, 4, pp. 628-643. Available from: ˂ abstract

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The Role of Customer Motivation in Mediating Customer Communication and Customer Decision to Use Kartu As of Telkomsel Broadband Services in Kendari of Indonesia

. Assael, H. (1998). Costumer Behavior and Marketing Action. (6th ed.). Cincinnati: South Western Collage Publishing. Assegaf, F. (2013). The Effect of Advertising on Consumer Decision Making Through Brand Awareness. Journal EMBA, 1, 866-874. Dawes, J. R. (2000). Disloyalty: a closer look at non-loyals. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 17(6), 538-549. Dewi, W. (2008). The Effects of Motivation and Consumer Attitudes Toward Purchase Decision of Honda Motor in West Surabaya Region. journal of Economics 10(1), 30

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Communication as a Marketing Strategy: Cross-cultural Analysis of Young People from Mexico and Colombia Based on Demographic Segmentation

. (2015). Determination of the Impact of Spokesperson on Advertising Effectiveness. International Journal of Management, Accounting and Economics, 2 (8), 810-822 Grunig, J. E., & Hunt, T. T. (1994). Public Relations Techniques . Belmont, USA: Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc. Harlow, R. F. (1976). Building a Public Relations Definition. Public Relations Review 2 (4), 34-42 Hayta, A. B. (2013). A study on the of effects of social media on young consumers' buying behaviors. European journal of research on education . Special Issue: Human Resource

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Mobile Commerce Switching Intentions in Thai Consumers

mobile internet. International Journal of Advertising, 28(3), 439-472. Okazaki, S., & Mendez, F. (2013). Exploring convenience in mobile commerce: Moderating effects of gender. Computers in Human Behavior, 29(3), 1234-1342. Pookulangara, S., Hawley, J., & Xiao, G. (2011). Explaining consumers' channel-switching behavior using the theory of planned behavior. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 18(4), 311-321. Solomon, M. R., Bamossy, G. J., Askegaard, S. T., & Hogg, M. K. (2013). Consumer behaviour: A European

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The Impact of Industry Variables on Company`s Performance

-452 Ferguson, J. M. (1974). Advertising and Competition: Theory, Measurement, Fact.cambrige. Ballinger Publisher Flanagan, R., Jewell, C.A., Ericsson, S., & Henricsson, P. (2005). Measuring construction competitiveness in selected countries, Final Report. The Research Team at the University of Reading. Hofer, C. (1975). Toward a contingency theory of strategy. Academy of Management Journal, December, pp. 784-810. K’Obonyo, P. (2004) Strategic Orientation and Export Behaviour of Small Enterprises: a Conceptual Synthesis in

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Progressivity Punggawa-Sawi in Sustaining Flying Fish Resources on Culture Patorani Takalar District South Sulawesi Indonesia

. Jakarta. Decaux, E. 2008. The definition of traditional sanctions: their scope and characteristics. Public Law at the University Panthe´on-Assas Paris II. International Review of The Red Cross. Volume 90 Number 870 June 2008. P.249-257. Fatchan, Ach. 2013. Qualitative Research methods: Qualitative Research 10 Step Approach Construction and Etnography. Malang: UM Press. Galla, A. 2001. Guidebook For The Participation of Young People In Heritage Conversation. Hall and Jones Advertising. Brisbane. Keraf, A

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An Exploratory Study on the Dimensions that Motivate the Attitudes of Young Consumers to the Consumption of Luxury Products

References Ajzen, I. (1991). The theory of planned behavior. Organizational behavior and human decision processes, 50(2), 179-211. Ajzen, I. (2001). Nature and operation of attitudes. Annual review of psychology, 52(1), 27-58. Ajzen, I., & Fishbein, M. (2004). Questions raised by a reasoned action approach: comment on Ogden (2003). Health Psychology Copyright, 23(4), pp. 431- 434. Allen, M. W. (2008). The direct and indirect influences of human values on consumer choices. 341 pages. Thesis

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Investigating The Effect of Behavioral Intention on E-learning Systems Usage: Empirical Study on Tertiary Education Institutions in Ghana

. Bagozzi, R. P., Davis, F. D., & Warshaw, P. R. (1992). Development and test of a theory of technological learning and usage. Human Relations, 45(7), 660–686. Bala, H. and Venkatesh, V. (2013), “Changes in employees’ job characteristics during an enterprise system implementation: a latent growth modeling perspective”, MIS Quarterly, Vol. 37 No. 4, pp. 1113-1140. Bandura, A. (1977). Self-efficacy: toward a unifying theory of behavioral change. Psychological Review, 84, 191–215. Baron, R. M., & Kenny, D. A. (1986). The moderator-mediator variable

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The Islamic Banking, Asset Quality: “Does Financing Segmentation Matters” (Indonesia Evidence)

), 134-149 Faias, M., & Torres-Martínez, J. P. (2017). Credit market segmentation, essentiality of commodities, and supermodularity. Journal of Mathematical Economics , 70 , 115-122. Gulsoy, T. (2012). Managing a strategic business relationship in an emerging market: Advertising agency-client relationships in Turkey. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences , 58 , 1386-1394. Haan, J., & Vlahu, R. (2016). Corporate governance of banks: A survey. Journal of Economic Surveys , 30 (2), 228-277. Harnovinsah, H., & Marlita, M. (2017). FAKTOR

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