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Assessing the Level of Popularity of European Stag Tourism Destinations

References Agarwal A., Hosanagar K., Smith M., 2011. Location, location, location: an analysis of profitability of position in online advertising markets. Journal of Marketing Research 48(6): 1057–1073. DOI: . Aghdam A.R., Kamalpour M., Sim A.T.H., 2014. Knowledge Discovery for Tourism Using Data Mining and Qualitative Analysis: A Case Study at Johor Bahru, Malaysia. International Journal of Asian Business and Information Management 5(4): 48–59. DOI: 10.4018/ijabim.2014100105. Andrews H., 2005. Feeling

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City Branding Evaluation and Analysis of Cultural Capabilities of Isfahan City

: Atlas, (12.07.2013). PETERSON, P. (1981), City Limits, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Pop E, A. U. (2007), Persian Architecture, transl. G. Sadri-Afshar, Tehran: Akhtaran. Pfefferkorn , J. W. (2005), The Branding of Cities: Exploring City Branding and the Importance of Brand Image, Master’s thesis of Advertising Design at the Syracuse University. SEXTON, S and EVENTS TEAM (2011), ‘St. Petersburg Cultural

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Personal Networks on the Labour Market: Who Finds a Job in the Creative Sector in Poznań?

References Ager A., Strang A., 2008. Understanding integration: A conceptual framework. Journal of Refugee Studies 21(2): 166-191. Amabile T.M., 1983. The social psychology of creativity: A componential conceptualisation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 45: 357-377. Amabile T.M., Pillemer J., 2012. Perspectives on the social psychology of creativity. Journal of Creative Behavior 46(1): 3-15. Apitzsch B., 2013. How personal relations work: Individual market adaptation and collective

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Social Media and Hotel E-Marketing in Iran: The Case of Parsian International Hotels

Economy: Advertising Strategies and Change in Destination Marketing Organizations, Journal of Travel Research, 39(2), pp. 146-156, doi: 10.1177/004728750003900204. HASSAN S., NADZIM S.Z.A. & SHIRATUDDIN N., 2015, Strategic use of social media for small business based on the AIDA model, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 172, pp. 262-269, doi: 10.1016/j.sbspro.2015.01.363. HECHELMANN C., 2012, Social media engagement in a dedicated Facebook channel: An analysis of relationships to emotional attachement, self-brand connection and

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in Turyzm
Location Patterns And Location Factors In Cultural And Creative Industries

DCMS . Frontier Economics Ltd, London. Galloway S., Dunlop S., 2007. A critique of definitions of the cultural and creative industries in public policy. International Journal of Cultural Policy 13(1): 17–31. Gordon I. R., McCann P., 2000. Industrial clusters: Complexes, agglomeration and/or social networks? Urban Studies 37(3): 513–532. Grabher G., 2002. The project ecology of advertising: Tasks, talents and teams. Regional Studies 36(3): 245–262. Granger R. C., Hamilton C., 2010. Re-spatializing the creative industries: a relational

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Winery regions as the oldest cultural landscapes: remnants, signs, and metamorphoses

wine production, such as tariff and tax exemptions. Other factors, such as the presence of trade routes, the possibility for building and supervising wine storehouses, and trade monopolization, influenced the development of winery regions. Economic factors also refer to rich regions’ potential to obtain new cultivation methods and techniques and gain access to new technologies protecting plants from diseases, as well as to the rules governing wine-making supervision. At present, specialist marketing and advertising should also be enumerated among such factors. The

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Characterising the flows of Slovenian tourists within the former Yugoslavia with respect to post-communist ‘nostalgic context’

.11.2016]. Provo, Association for Consumer Research. Available at: HOFMAN, A. (2012): Lepa Brena: Repolitization of musical memories on Yugoslavia. Glasnik Etnografskog Instituta SANU, 60(1): 21–32. HOLAK, L. S., MATVEEV, V. A., HAVLENA, J. W. (2007): Nostalgia in post-socialist Russia: Exploring applications to advertising strategy. Journal of Business Research, 61(2): 172–178. HOLAK, S., HAVLENA, W., MATVEEV, A. (2005): Exploring Nostalgia in Russia: Testing the Index of Nostalgia-Proneness. In: Ekstrom, M

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A multidimensional analysis of spatial order in public spaces: a case study of the town Morąg, Poland

categories of spatial order (architectural, aesthetic, social, environmental, functional), their components and the applicable grading scale ( Table 1 ). Table 1 The analysed components of spatial order Dimensions of spatial order Components Architectural General proportions, urban design, planning, craftsmanship and style, additional features, green spaces Aesthetic Display of information, advertising and signs, facades, roofs, pavement and fencing, colour scheme, cleanliness Social Users, atmosphere, access to other public spaces, safety

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Creativity-enhancing work environments: Eventisation through an inspiring work atmosphere in temporary proximity

). Habitual thinking structures and behaviours fade into the background, and the atmosphere is affected by eventisation through the interplay of social, physical and temporal aspects. Through temporality between social spaces and physical places, therefore, eventisation can support the openness and inspiration necessary to support the illumination phase in the creative process, in which a ‘happy idea’ occurs ( Lubart 2001 ; Wallas 2014 ; Amabile/Pratt 2016 ). With regard to design thinking, the element of temporary limited use of specific, physical places affected by

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Räumliche Praktiken der Energiewende am Beispiel der Biogaserzeugung in Rheinland-Pfalz

Regionalisieren Transformationspraktiken der Energiewende am Beispiel der Biogaserzeugung Frankfurt am Main = Études luxembourgeoises/Luxemburg-Studien, 10 Faulconbridge, J. (2006): Stretching tacit knowledge beyond a local fix? Global spaces of learning in advertising professional service firms. In: Journal of Economic Geography 6, 4, 514–540. Faulconbridge J. 2006 Stretching tacit knowledge beyond a local fix? Global spaces of learning in advertising professional service firms Journal of Economic Geography 6 4 514 540 Feldman, M.; Orlikowski, W

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