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Emotional or Rational? The Determination of the Influence of Advertising Appeal on Advertising Effectiveness

Different Flavors You Never Know What Behavior You're Going to Get. Advances in Consumer Research. Association for Consumer Research (U. S.), 37 , 24-27. Chang, W. Y., and Chang, I. Y., 2014. The Influences of Humorous Advertising on Brand Popularity and Advertising Effects in the Tourism Industry. Sustainability, 6 (12), 9205-9217. doi: 10.3390/su6129205 Davies, M., 1993. Developing Combinations of Message Appeals for Campaign Management. European Journal of Marketing, 27 (1), 45-63. doi: 10.1108/03090569310024558 Dong-Jenn, Y., Chen-Yin, L., Hsiung

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Survey vs Scraped Data: Comparing Time Series Properties of Web and Survey Vacancy Data

.g., low frequencies correspond to the long-term, high frequencies to very short-time periods). An important difference with the traditional method presented above is that in spectral and cross-spectral analysis timescales are not a priori imposed by the researcher. Structural characteristics and cyclical behavior are extracted from the data itself and identified at different timescales. Periodicity of short-, medium-, and long-term components is endogenous from the analysis ( Granger and Hatanaka, 2015 ; Iacobucci, 2005 ) and the statistical comparison of frequency

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Efficient Use of Behavioral Tools to Reduce Electricity Demand of Domestic Consumers

., and Department of Energy and Climate Change, 2011. An introduction to thinking about ’energy behaviour’: A multi-model approach. Other, (december). Chetty, R., 2015. Behavioral Economics and Public Policy: A Pragmatic Perspective. American Economic Review, 105(5), 1-33. doi: Cialdini, R. B., Kallgren, C. A., and Reno, R. R., 1991. A focus theory of normative conduct. Advances in Experimental Social Psychology, 24, 201-234. doi:

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Relationship between Spokesperson’s Gender and Advertising Color Temperature in a Framework of Advertising Effectiveness

.1108/03090569310045861 Chih-Chung, C., Chang, C., Wei-Chun, L. L., and Yau-Nang, 2012. The Effect of Advertisement Frequency on the Advertisement Attitude -The Controlled Effects of Brand Image and Spokesperson's Credibility. Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences, 57 , 352-359. doi: Eisend, M., Plagemann, J., and Sollwedel, J., 2014. Gender Roles and Humor in Advertising: The Occurrence of Stereotyping in Humorous and Nonhumorous Advertising and Its Consequences for Advertising Effectiveness. Journal of Advertising, 43 (3), 256-273. doi

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Attitude and Loyalty to Two Brands of Beer of the Same Producer

(11), 29-40. Hollensen, S., 2016. Global Marketing (7th ed. ed.). London: Pearson. Homer, P. M., 2006. Relationships Among Ad-Induced Affect, Beliefs, and Attitudes: Another Look. Journal of Advertising, 35 (1), 35-51. doi: Howard, J., and Sheth, J., 1969. The Theory of Buyer Behavior . New York: John Wiley & Sons. Joji, A. N., 2011. Consumer Evaluations of Product Line Brand Extension. Journal of Brand Management, 8 (1), 22-35. Khan, M. N., -ul-Aabdean, Z., Salman, M., Nadeem, B., and

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Comparison of E-Trust and Trust Concepts in Online and Offline Dimensions

References Andrews, L., & Bianchi, C. (2013). Consumer internet purchasing behavior in Chile. Journal of Business Research, 66(10), 1791-1799. Bhatnagar, A., & Ghose, S. (2004). Segmenting consumers based on the benefits and risks of Internet shopping. Journal of Business Research, 57(12), 1352-1360. Chang, H. H., & Chen, S. W. (2008). The impact of customer interface quality, satisfaction and switching costs on e

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Factors Influencing the Implementation of Unconventional Marketing in Cultural Institutions – Evidence from Croatia

. Organizacija i kultura. Zagreb: Hadrian. Ay, C., Aytekin, P., and Nardali, S., 2010. Guerrilla marketing communication tools and ethical problems in guerrilla advertising. American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, 2(3), 280-286. doi: Baack, D. W., Wilson, R. T., and Till, B. D., 2008. Creativity and Memory effects: Recall, recognition, and exploration of nontraditional media. Journal of Advertising, 37(4), 85-94. doi:

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