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Emotional or Rational? The Determination of the Influence of Advertising Appeal on Advertising Effectiveness

Different Flavors You Never Know What Behavior You're Going to Get. Advances in Consumer Research. Association for Consumer Research (U. S.), 37 , 24-27. Chang, W. Y., and Chang, I. Y., 2014. The Influences of Humorous Advertising on Brand Popularity and Advertising Effects in the Tourism Industry. Sustainability, 6 (12), 9205-9217. doi: 10.3390/su6129205 Davies, M., 1993. Developing Combinations of Message Appeals for Campaign Management. European Journal of Marketing, 27 (1), 45-63. doi: 10.1108/03090569310024558 Dong-Jenn, Y., Chen-Yin, L., Hsiung

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Brand management and internationalization: A case study in the sports equipment industry

upon which consumers can identify and bond with a product or service or a group of products or services. Brands serve as a guiding map to purchasing behaviour and, when managed correctly, often result in significant value for their holders ( Anholt, 2005 ; Brymer, 2004 ). Brands ‘ are not just a sign. Brands are not just elements that position products and companies. For many years, brands have been regarded as links between products/companies and their customers ’ ( Brito, 2010 , p. 49). According to Pires (2002) , the brand is an identifier of a product that

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The “Retro” Trend in Marketing Communication Strategy of Global Brands

References Badot O. (2014), Mediterranean marketing and postmodern marketing: An oxymoron? , “Journal of Consumer Behaviour”, vol. 13, no. 3, May/June, pp. 224–229. Baker S.M., Kennedy P.F. (1994), Death by Nostalgia: A Diagnosis of Context-Specific Cases , “Advances in Consumer Research”, vol. 21, pp. 169–74. Belk R.W. (1990), The Role of Possessions in Constructing and Maintaining a Sense of Past , “Advances in Consumer Research”, vol. 17, pp. 669–676. Brown S. (2001), The retromarketing revolution: l’imagination au pouvoir

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Are Millennials a Global Cohort? Evidence from the Luxury Goods Sector

) . Behavioral science and consumer standard form contracts. La. L. Rev., 68, 117. Bettman, J. R., Luce, M. F., & Payne, J. W. (1998) . Constructive consumer choice processes. Journal of Consumer Research, 25 (3), 187–217. Bian, Q., & Forsythe, S. (2012) . Purchase intention for luxury brands: A cross-cultural comparison. Journal of Business Research, 65 , 1443–1451. De Mooij, M. (2010) . Global marketing and advertising: Understanding cultural paradoxes (3rd ed). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Delloite (2018) . Global powers of luxury goods 2018

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Intercultural dimensions of entrepreneurship

Advertising. Understanding Cultural Paradoxes, Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. Freytag, A., Thurik, R. (2007), ‘Entrepreneurship and its determinants in a crosscountry setting’, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, vol. 17, pp. 117-131. Geertz C. (1973), The Interpretation of Cultures, New York: Basic Books. Hall E.T., Reed Hall M. (1990), Understanding Cultural Differences. Germans, French and Americans, Yarmouth, Maine: Intercultural Press. Hayton, J.C., George, G., Zahra, S.A. (2002), ‘National culture and

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Public Ethnocentrism. An Obstacle of Worldwide Economic Development: Concept and a Preliminary Research

. (1972). Gauging Foreign Product Promotion. Journal of Advertising Research, 12 (1), 29–34. Bannister, J. P., & Saunders, J. A. (1978). UK Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Imports: The Measurement of National Stereotype Image. European Journal of Marketing , 12 (8), 562–570. Barbalet, J. M. (1996). Social Emotions: Confidence, Trust and Loyalty. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy,16 (9/10), 75–96. Berkman, H. W., & Gilson, C. C. (1978). Consumer Behavior: Concepts and Strategies. Encino, CA: Dickenson Publishing Co., Inc

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What Do Managers Think About the Success Potential of CRM Campaigns?

of commercial orientation towards company giving in European nations. International Marketing Review, 15(6): 458–475. Brink, D. V. D, Odekerken-Schroder, G., Pauwels, P. (2006) The effect of strategic and tactical CRM on consumers’ brand loyalty. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 23: 15-25. Broon, P. S., Vrioni, A. B. (2001) Corporate social responsibility and CRM: an overview. International Journal of Advertising, 20: 207-222. Drumwright, M. E. (1996) Company Advertising with a social Dimension: The Role of Non-economic Criteria. American Marketing

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Central and Eastern European Experience of the X-Culture Project in Teaching International Management and Cross-Cultural Communication

University Discussion Paper No. 28. January. Datar, S. M., Garvin, D. A., & Cullen, P. G. (2010). Rethinking the MBA-Business Education and Crossroads. Boston: Harvard Business Press. De Mooij, M. (2003). Convergence and divergence in consumer behavior: Implications for global advertising. International Journal of Advertising , 22 (2), pp. 183–200. Duffy, J. (2017). The Best Project Management Software of 2017 .,2817,2380448,00.asp .downloaded: October 10, 2017. Earley, P. C., & Peterson, R. S. (2004). The

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Social Media as a Marketing Tool for European and North American Universities and Colleges

.1080/08841241.2011.573593 [Taylor & Francis Online]. Curran, K., Graham S., & Temple, C. (2011). Advertising on Facebook. International Journal of E-Business Development, 1 , 26–33. Curtis, T., Abratt, R., & Minor, W. (2009). Corporate brand management in higher education: The case of ERAU. Journal of Product & Brand Management , 18 (6), 404–413. Davis, C. H. F., Deil-Amen, R., Rios-Aguilar, C., & Gonzalez-Canche, M. S. (2012). Social media and higher education: A literature review and research directions . The Centre for the Study of Higher Education at The University

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Consumer in Sports: Fan typology analysis

, vol. 20, pp. 451-466 Maslow, A.H. (1943) ‘A Theory of Human Motivation’, Psychological Review, vol. 50, pp. 370-396 Mechikoff. R.A. (1992) ‘Deep Fan: Mythic Identification, Technology and Advertising in Spectator Sports’, Sociology of Sport Journal, vol. 9, no. 4. pp. 323-339 Melnick, M. and Wann, D. (2011) ‘An examination of sport fandom in Australia: Socialisation, team identification and fan behaviour’, International Review for the Sociology of Sport, vol. 46, no. 4, pp. 456-470 Meyer, J.P., & Allen

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