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Colour Preference of Online Consumers: a Cross- Cultural Perspective

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To Explore the Effectiveness of Digital and Experiential Marketing in Attracting Customer Participation in the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival

References Armano, D. (2010). Why PR’s future may not look like PR . Blog post. Blickle, G., Witzki, A. H., & Schneider, P. B. (2009). Mentoring support and power: A three year predictive field study on Protege networking and career success. Journal of Vocational Behaviour , 74, 181-189. Brady, M. K., & Robertson, C. J. (2001). Searching for a consensus on the antecedent role of service quality and satisfaction: An exploratory cross-national study. Journal of Business Research , 51(1), 53-60. Brakus, J. J., Schmitt, B. H

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Inspire to Hire and Win the War for Talents

York: Simon and Schuster. [14] Berthon, P., Ewing, M. and Hah, L.L. (2005). Captivating company: dimensions of attractiveness in employer branding. International journal of advertising, 24(2), pp.151-172. [15] Biswas, U.N., Allard, K., Pousette, A. and Härenstam, A. (2017). Employer Branding and Attractive Work. In Biswas, U.N., Allard, K., Pousette, A. and Harenstam, A., 2017, Understanding Attractive Work in a Globalized World, Singapore: Springer Ltd., pp. 27-35. [16] Bondarouk, T., Ruël, H., Axinia, E. and Arama, R

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