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International Contexts of Social Media and e-WoM Communication in the Customer Decision-Making Process

: An extended approach to information adoption. Computers in Human Behavior , 61 : 47–55, Galalae, C. and Voicu, A. (2013). Consumer Behaviour Research: Jacquard Weaving in the Social Sciences. Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy , 1 (2): 277–292. Ghezzi, A. and Dramitinos, M. (2016). Towards a Future Internet infrastructure: Analyzing the multidimensional impacts of assured quality Internet interconnection. Telematics and Informatics , 33 (2): 613–630,

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The Evolvement of Online Consumer Behavior: The ROPO and Reverse ROPO Effect in Poland and Germany

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In Search of Ecological Norms in Brand Personality Diagnostics

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To Explore the Effectiveness of Digital and Experiential Marketing in Attracting Customer Participation in the Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival

References Armano, D. (2010). Why PR’s future may not look like PR . Blog post. Blickle, G., Witzki, A. H., & Schneider, P. B. (2009). Mentoring support and power: A three year predictive field study on Protege networking and career success. Journal of Vocational Behaviour , 74, 181-189. Brady, M. K., & Robertson, C. J. (2001). Searching for a consensus on the antecedent role of service quality and satisfaction: An exploratory cross-national study. Journal of Business Research , 51(1), 53-60. Brakus, J. J., Schmitt, B. H

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Exploring Companies’ Innovation Policies in the Industrial Sector in Central and Eastern Europe

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How do we study crowdfunding? An overview of methods and introduction to new research agenda

:// Chen, S., Thomas, S., and Kohli, C. (2016). What really makes a promotional campaign succeed on a crowdfunding platform ? Journal of Advertising Research , 56 (1): 81–94, Chen, X., Yao, X., and Kotha, S. (2009). Entrepreneur Passion And Preparedness In Business Plan Presentations: A Persuasion Analysis Of Venture Capitalists’ Funding Decisions. Academy of Management Journal , 52 (1): 199–214, Cordova, A., Dolci, J. and

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A Qualitative Research Regarding the Online Advertising Formats Used by Romanian Companies

Erlbaum Associates, Inc. 20. Nursel, Y., & Utku, K., (2010). What is search engine optimization: SEO?, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, 9, 487-493. 21. Pantea, C., & Pop, N.Al., (2010). Email marketing campaigns: the easiest path from organizations to consumers - an exploratory assessment, The Annals of the University of Oradea, Economic Sciences Fascicle - TOM XIX, 737-742, ISSN 1582-5450. 22. Pantea, C., & Veghes, C., (2009). The development of online advertising on the Romanian Market: from conceptual basics to

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Study of Consumer’s Unconscious Reaction towards the Use of Anthropomorphic Appearance of AI: An Eye-Tracking Experiment

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Communication, a Premise of Efficiency and Effectiveness in Current Society

critique of corporate communication , Cassell, The Advertising Association, London, 1984. Boneu F., L’entreprise communicante, démarches et méthodes de communication interne , Liaisons, 30 mai, 1990. Brault L., La communication d’entreprise au-delà du modèle publicitaire , Dunod, mai, 1992. Brochand B. & Lendrevie J., Le publicitor , Dalloz, Gestion marketing. Carlson S., Executive behaviour: A study of the workload and working methods of managing directors , Stocholm, Strombergs, 1951, 1999. Dowling G., Creating Corporate Reputations

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