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Fees for Advertisements in Public Space Incurred by a Given Bank Brand in Poland

. 236-247. MIKOLAJCZAK-DEGRAUWE K., BRENGMAN M., 2014, The Influence of Advertising on Compulsive Buying - The Role of Persuasion Knowledge, Journal of Behavioral Addictions 3(1), pp. 65-73. NEUNER, M., RAAB, G., REISCH, L. A., 2005, Compulsive Buying in Maturing Consumer Societies: An Empirical Re-inquiry, Journal of Economic Psychology, 26(4), pp. 509-522. Outdoor Advertising Control Practices in Australia, Europe and Japan, 2011, FHWA International Technology Scanning Program, United States. PŁUCIENNIK

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Fees For Advertisements In The Right-Of-Ways Of Public Roads Incurred By A Given Bank Brand In Poland

Advertising For Business Markets, Industrial Marketing Management, 35, (2006), pp. 236-247. M ikolajczak -D egrauwe K., B rengman M., 2014. The influence of advertising on compulsive buying – The role of persuasion knowledge, Journal of Behavioral Addictions 3(1), pp. 65–73 (2014). N euner , M., R aab , G., R eisch , L. A., 2005, Compulsive buying in maturing consumer societies: An empirical re-inquiry. Journal of Economic Psychology, 26(4), pp. 509–522. R osewarne L., 2005, The men's gallery: Outdoor advertising and public space: Gender, fear

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A Benefit-Based Approach for Increasing the Effectiveness of Promotions

(3), pp.31-35+46. Van Trijp, H., Hoyer, W., Inman, J., 1996. Why Switch? Product Category: Level Explanations for True Variety-Seeking Behavior. Journal of Marketing Research , 33(3), pp.281-292. Ward, J., Hill, R., 1991. Designing Effective Promotional Games: Opportunities and Problems. Journal of Advertising , 20(3), pp.69-81. Wansink, B., Kent, R., Hoch, S., 1998. An Anchoring and Adjustment Model of Purchase Quantity Decisions. Journal of Marketing Research, 35(1), pp.71-81. Wetzels, M., Odekerken

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Consumer-Oriented Sales Promotion of Organic Food in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

. London: Prentice Hall. Dickieson, J., & Arkus, V. (2009). Factors that influence the purchase of organic food: A study of consumer behaviour in the UK: projekt. London: Cass Business School. Elzakker, B., & Eyhorn, F. (2010). Organic Business Guide. Germany : IFOAM. Guido, G. (2009). Behind Ethical Consumption: Purchasing Motives and Marketing Strategies for Organic Food Products, Non-GMOs, Bio-Fuels. Bern: Peter Lang AG International Academic Publishers. Guido, G. et al. (2010). The Role of Ethics and

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Consumers’ Attitudes Towards Cause-Related Marketing

(5-6), 583-610. DOI: Chang, C. T., 2008. To donate or not to donate? Product characteristics and framing effects of causerelated marketing on consumer purchase behavior. Psychology & Marketing, 25(12), 1089-1110.DOI: Cheron, E., Kohlbacher, F., and Kusuma, K., 2012. The effects of brand-cause fit and campaign duration on consumer perception of cause-related marketing in Japan. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 29(5), 357-368. DOI:

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Cognitive Neuroscience Tools in Economic Experiments Investigating the Decision Making Process

. Farb, N.A.S. (2013). Can neuroimaging inform economic theories of decision making? Neuroscience and Neuroeconomics, 2, 1-10. Fehr, E., Rangel, A. (2011). Neuroeconomic Foundations of Economic Choice - Recent Advances. Journal of Economic Perspectives, 25 (4), 3-30. Fellows, L.K. (2004). The Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Decision Making: A Review and Conceptual Framework. Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience Review, 3, 159-172. Ferrari, M., Quaresima, V. (2012). A brief review on the history of human functional

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Rules and Conditions for Placing Advertisements in Public Space Based on Examples of Selected Polish Cities

zyński M., O strowski M., 2011, Reklama w przestrzeni publicznej miasta (Advertisement in the Public Space of a City) , Przestrzeń i Forma (Space and Form), Vol. 16, pp. 213-228. S hinar D., 2007, Traffic Safety and Human Behavior , Amsterdam: Elsevier. S peirs S., W inmill A., K azi T., 2008, The Impact of Roadside Advertising on Driver Distraction: Final Report , Basingstoke, Hampshire, Endgland: WSP Development and Transportation. T heeuwes J., K ramer A.F., H ahn S., I rwin D.E., 1998, Our Eyes do not Always Go Where we Want them to

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The Deterministic Model With Time Delay for a New Product Diffusion in a Market

., P. Sinha, P. (2010). Dynamical Behavior in an Innovation Diffusion Marketing Model with Thinker Class of Population, Int. J. Buss. Mgt. Eco. Res., 1(1): 79-84. Dodson J. A., Muller, E. (1978). Models of new product diffusion through advertising and word-of-mouth, Management Sci., 24, 1978, pp. 1568-1578. Feichtinger, G., Ghezzi, L.L., Piccardi, C. (1995). Chaotic behavior in an advertising diffusion model, International Journal of bifurcation and chaos, 5(1): 255-263. Hassard, B.D., Kazarinoff, N.D., Wan, Y.H. (1981). Theory and applications of

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QR Code Based Marketing in India and Japan

(1), 69-102. DOI: 10.1108/09564231011025128. Mojsa, M., & Rettie, R. (2003). Attitudes to Internet Ad-vertising: A Cross-cultural Comparison. In Kingston Business School Paper Series. Retrieved October 15, 2012, from Mooij, M. (2011). Consumer behavior and culture: Conse-quences for global marketing and advertising. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. Okazaki, S., Li, H., & Hirose, M. (2012). Benchmarking the use of QR code in mobile promotion. Journal of Advertising Research, 52(1), 102-117. DOI: 10

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The Effect of Socialization and Maven Characteristics on Viral Advertising

-362. Brown, S. P., & Stayman, D. M. (1992). Antecedents and consequences of attitude toward the ad: a meta-analysis. Journal of Consumer Research, 19 (1), 34-51. Chamlee-Wright, E., & Myers, J. A. (2008). Discovery and social learning in non-priced environments: An Austrian view of Social Network Theory. Review of Austrian Economics , 21 , 151-66. Chiu, H.-C., Hsieh, Y.-C., Kao, Y.-H., & Lee, M. (2007). The determinants of email receivers’ disseminating behaviors on the Internet. Journal of Advertising Research, 47 (4), 524-534. Cho, S., Huh, J

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