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Survey vs Scraped Data: Comparing Time Series Properties of Web and Survey Vacancy Data

.g., low frequencies correspond to the long-term, high frequencies to very short-time periods). An important difference with the traditional method presented above is that in spectral and cross-spectral analysis timescales are not a priori imposed by the researcher. Structural characteristics and cyclical behavior are extracted from the data itself and identified at different timescales. Periodicity of short-, medium-, and long-term components is endogenous from the analysis ( Granger and Hatanaka, 2015 ; Iacobucci, 2005 ) and the statistical comparison of frequency

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Does Customer Loyalty Depend on Corporate Social Responsibility?

References Ailawadi, K. L., Neslin, S. A., Luan, Y. J., & Taylor, G. A. (2014). Does retailer CSR enhance behavioral loyalty? A case for benefit segmentation. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31 (2), 156–167. Akbar, M. M., & Parvez, N. (2009). Impact of service quality, trust and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. ABAC Journal, 29 (1), 24–38 Carroll, A. (1979). A three dimensional conceptual model of corporate social performance. Academy of Management Review , 4(4), 497

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Mobile Learning Usage and Preferences of Vocational Secondary School Students: The cases of Austria, the Czech Republic, and Germany

Research in Open and Distributed Learning, 16 (2). Cavus, N., & Ibrahim, D. (2009). m-Learning: An experiment in using SMS to support learning new English language words. British Journal of Educational Technology, 40 (1), 78–91. Cheon, J., Lee, S., Crooks, S. M., & Song, J. (2012). An investigation of mobile learning readiness in higher education based on the theory of planned behavior. Computers & Education, 59 (3), 1054–1064.

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A Qualitative Research Regarding the Online Advertising Formats Used by Romanian Companies

Erlbaum Associates, Inc. 20. Nursel, Y., & Utku, K., (2010). What is search engine optimization: SEO?, Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences, 9, 487-493. 21. Pantea, C., & Pop, N.Al., (2010). Email marketing campaigns: the easiest path from organizations to consumers - an exploratory assessment, The Annals of the University of Oradea, Economic Sciences Fascicle - TOM XIX, 737-742, ISSN 1582-5450. 22. Pantea, C., & Veghes, C., (2009). The development of online advertising on the Romanian Market: from conceptual basics to

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Study of Consumer’s Unconscious Reaction towards the Use of Anthropomorphic Appearance of AI: An Eye-Tracking Experiment

://, accessed on: 04.11.2018; 3. East, R., Wright, M., Vanhuele, M., (2008), Consumer Behaviour: Applications in Marketing, Sage, London; 4. Fagnant, D. J.; Kockelman, K. (2015), Preparing a nation for autonomous vehicles: Opportunities, barriers, and policy recommendations. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 77, 167-181; 5. Hassan, Q.F. (2018). Internet of Things A to Z: Technologies and Applications. John Wiley & Sons. pp. 27-8. ISBN 9781119456759; 6

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