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Automated Experiments on Ad Privacy Settings
A Tale of Opacity, Choice, and Discrimination

References [1] J. R. Mayer and J. C. Mitchell, “Third-party web tracking: Policy and technology,” in IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 2012, pp. 413-427. [2] B. Ur, P. G. Leon, L. F. Cranor, R. Shay, and Y. Wang, “Smart, useful, scary, creepy: Perceptions of online behavioral advertising,” in Proceedings of the Eighth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security. ACM, 2012, pp. 4:1-4:15. [3] Google, “About ads settings,” ads/answer/2662856, accessed Nov. 21, 2014. [4

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Emotional or Rational? The Determination of the Influence of Advertising Appeal on Advertising Effectiveness

Different Flavors You Never Know What Behavior You're Going to Get. Advances in Consumer Research. Association for Consumer Research (U. S.), 37 , 24-27. Chang, W. Y., and Chang, I. Y., 2014. The Influences of Humorous Advertising on Brand Popularity and Advertising Effects in the Tourism Industry. Sustainability, 6 (12), 9205-9217. doi: 10.3390/su6129205 Davies, M., 1993. Developing Combinations of Message Appeals for Campaign Management. European Journal of Marketing, 27 (1), 45-63. doi: 10.1108/03090569310024558 Dong-Jenn, Y., Chen-Yin, L., Hsiung

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Selection of Advertising Appeals in Slovak Television Advertising

References Dahl, S. (2002). Cultural values in Beer Advertising in the UK, the Netherlands and Gemany . [online]. [Cited 2013-06-30] Avaliable from Internet: <>. Dahl, S. (2004). Cross-Cultural Advertising Research: What Do We Know About the Influence of Culture on Advertising? [online]. [Cited 2013-05-08] Middlesex University Discussion Paper No. 28. 2004. Avaliable from Internet: De Mooij, M. (2004). Consumer Behavior and Culture

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Multimodal Metaphors and Advertising: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Use of Behavioural Multimodal Metaphors

References Bounegru, L., &Forceville, C. (2011): Metaphors in editorial cartoons representing the global financial crisis. Journal of Visual Communication, 10, 209–229. Carroll, N. (1994). Visual Metapho’. In J. Hintikka (ed.), Aspects of Metaphor (pp. 189–218).Dordrecht: Kluwer. Cook, G. (2001). The Discourse of Advertising (2 nd ed.). Routledge. Croft, W. (1993). The Role of Domains in the Interpretation of Metaphors and Metonymies, Cognitive Linguistics, 4, 335–370. Dirven, R. (2009). Metonymy and metaphor: Different

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The Influence of Color Perception on Marketing Decisions

-1015. doi: 10. 1108/EJM-04-2013-0200. 6. Ditoiu, M. C., Caruntu, A. L. (2014). Sensory Experiences Regarding Five-dimensional Brand Destination // Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences. Vol. 109, p. 301-306. doi: 10.1016/ j.sbspro.2013.12.461. 7. Fugate, D. L. (2007). Neuromarketing: A Layman’s Look at Neuroscience and Its Potential Application to Marketing Practice // Journal of Consumer Marketing. Vol. 24, No. 7, p. 385-394. doi: 10.1108/07363760710834807. 8. Funk, D., Ndubisi, N. O. (2006). Colour and Product Choice

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Attitudes Towards the Use of Social Media as a Tool for Marketing

Chinese consumers’ viral marketing attitudes, eWOM motives and behaviour. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising, 8(2), 102-124.

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Cross-Device Tracking: Measurement and Disclosures

References [1] Federal Trade Comm’n, “Privacy Online: Fair Information Practices in the Electronic Marketplace,” , May 2000. [2] Federal Trade Comm’n, “Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising,”

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Moderator Bias in Television Coverage of an Election Campaign with no Political Advertising

References Allern, S. (2004) ’Fra politikermakt til journalistmakt. Programlederrroler i fjernsynsvalgkampen 1961-2001’. In B. Aardal, A. Krogstad & H.M. Narud (Eds.) I valgkampens hete. Strategisk kommunikasjon og politisk usikkerhet (pp. 141-166). Oslo: Universitetsforlaget. Bargh, J.A. (2006) ’What Have We Been Priming all These Years? On the Development, Mechanisms, and Ecology of Nonconscious Behavior’. European Journal of Social Psychology, 36 (1), 147-168. Bargh, J.A., & Chartrand, T.L. (1999) ’The Unbearable Automaticity of Being

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“Won’t Somebody Think of the Children?” Examining COPPA Compliance at Scale

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