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Virtual Tour of the Gulag

The Only Accessible Gulag Museum, The Association, Czech Republic

Stépán Cernousek


The study presents a virtual tom of the Gulag camp ( <>), which consists of the 3D visualization of the labour camp and the panoramic toms of all types of barracks. It is a unique opportunity to familiarize with the conditions, to see how Gulag camps really looked like, especially as there is no museum built from former Gulag camps in Russia today. The description of everyday life in the camp is illustrated by witnesses’ testimonies. The tour is accompanied by a general overview of the Gulag system and the stories of Czechoslovak, Hungarian, and Polish citizens arrested in the Gulag. The virtual tour is the result of three Czech expeditions to the furthest flung parts of Siberia (in 2009, 2011, and 2013), aiming to map what has remained of the abandoned Gulag camps in those areas.

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Anna Kobierecka

:// , 16 March 2014. Crimean parliament passes independence declaration , 11 March 2014. Swedish TV team freed by Russian military , , 17 March 2014. Ukraine crisis: Putin signs Russia-Crimea treaty, , 18 March 2014. EU door still open for Ukraine: Swedish MEP,

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Yevhen Pysmenskyy

zhurnalista: avtoreferat dysertatsii (doktor yurydychnykh nauk). Kharkivskyi natsionalnyi universytet vnutrishnikh sprav. Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (PGO), 2017. The head of the internet-publication Strana.UA’ and his accomplice are arrested on suspicion of extortion. 23 June [online]. Available at: (Accessed 4 July 2017). Prystupenko, T., 2008. Svoboda slova ta zhurnalistska etyka v Ukraini. Uchenyie zapiski Tavricheskogo natsionalnogo universiteta imeni V