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Evaluation of knowledge about cardiopulmonary resuscitation in Tîrgu Mures

-of-hospital cardiac arrest outcomes in 27 countries in Europe. Resuscitation . 2016,105:188-194. 4. Kleinman ME, Goldberger ZD, Rea T, Swor RA, Bobrow BJ, Brennan EE et al. 2017 American Heart Association Focused Update on Adult Basic Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Quality: An Update to the American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. Circulation . 2018,137:e7-e13 5. Chair SY, Hung MS, Lui JC, Lee DT, Shiu IY, Choi KC. Public knowledge and attitudes towards cardiopulmonary resuscitation in

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Bioactivity-guided isolation of alkamides from a cytotoxic fraction of the ethyl acetate extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum (L.) DC. roots.

. Anacyclus Pyrethrum extract exerts anticancer activities on the human colorectal cancer cell line (HCT) by targeting apoptosis, metastasis and cell cycle arrest. J Gastrointest Cancer . 2017;48(4):333-40. 19. McLaughlin JL. Assays for bioactivity. In: Hostettmann K (Ed), Methods in Plant Biochemistry, Vol.6 , London: Academic Press; 1991:1-33. 20. Wagner H, Bladt S. Plant drug analysis: a thin layer chromatography atlas . 2 edition. Berlin: Springer-Verlag; 2011. 21. Harborne JB. Phytochemical methods. A guide to modern techniques of plant analysis

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Cytotoxic activity of ethanolic extracts of Eleutherococcus species cultivated in Poland on HL60 leukemia cell line

. Li Z.F. et al.: Two diketopiperazines from Acanthopanax senticosus Harms. J. Asian Nat. Prod. Res. 12, 51-55, 2010. 10. Liu W. (2011). Traditional herbal medicine research methods. New Jersey:John Wiley&Sons. 11. Panossian A.: Stimulating effect of adaptogens: An overview with particular reference to their efficacy following single dose administration.Phytother. Res. 19(10), 819-838, 2005. 12. Shan B.E. et al.: Chinese medicinal herb, Acanthopanax gracilistylus, extract induces cell cycle arrest of human tumor cells

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Apoptosis of rats’ cardiomyocytes after chronic energy drinks consumption

Cardiovascular Disease. Toxicol Res. 2011 Mar 1;27(1):7-10. 22. Berger AJ, Alford K. Cardiac arrest in a young man following excess consumption of caffeinated “energy drinks.” Med J Aust. 2009 Jan 5;190(1):41-3. 23. Xu Y, Saini H, Zhang M, Elimban V, Dhalla N. MAPK activation and apoptotic alterations in hearts subjected to calcium paradox are attenuated by taurine. Cardiovasc Res. 2006 Oct 1;72(1):163-74. 24. Oriyanhan W, Yamazaki K, Miwa S, Takaba K, Ikeda T, Komeda M. Taurine prevents myocardial ischemia/reperfusion-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis

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