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Paweł Lorkowski and Bronisław Gosowski


The paper presents experimental and numerical studies to determine the equivalent second moment of area of the uniform torsion of the two-chord steel single laced members. The members are used as poles of railway traction network gates, and steel columns of framed buildings as well. The stiffness of uniform torsion of this kind of columns allows to the determine the critical loads of the spatial stability. The experimental studies have been realized on a single - span members with rotation arrested at their ends, loaded by a torque applied at the mid-span. The relationship between angle of rotation of the considered cross-section and the torque has been determined. Appropriate numerical model was created in the ABAQUS program, based on the finite element method. A very good compatibility has been observed between experimental and numerical studies. The equivalent second moment of area of the uniform torsion for analysed members has been determined by comparing the experimental and analytical results to those obtained from differential equation of non-uniform torsion, based on Vlasov’s theory. Additionally, the parametric analyses of similar members subjected to the uniform torsion, for the richer range of cross-sections have been carried out by the means of SOFiSTiK program. The purpose of the latter was determining parametrical formulas for calculation of the second moment of area of uniform torsion.