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Lavinia Grama, Adrian Man, Daniela-Lucia Muntean, Șerban Andrei Gâz Florea, Francisc Boda and Augustin Curticăpean

, Zhao H, et al. Facile decoration of Au nanoparticles on CdS nanorods by polyoxometalate with enhanced photocatalytic activities toward hydrogen evolution. J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2013 Jul;13(7):4616-21. DOI: 10.1166/ jnn.2013.7179 11. Li F, Meng F, Ma L, Xu L, Sun Z, Gao Q. 3D pure inorganic framework based on polymolybdovanadate possessing photoelectric properties. Dalton Trans. 2013 Aug 6;42(34):12079-82. DOI: 10.1039/c3dt51057c 12. Fan D, Hao J, Wei Q. Assembly of Polyoxometalate- Based Composite Materials. J Inorg Organomet Polym

Open access

Asad Hamad, Muhammad Arfan, Shujaat Ali Khan, Nighat Fatima, Arshad Mehmood Abbasi and Abdul Mannan

. Annals Gastroenterol 2002; 15(4):320-3. 38. Chohan ZH, Shaikh AU, Rauf A, Supuran CT. Antibacterial, antifungal and cytotoxic properties of novel N-substituted sulfonamides from 4-hydroxycoumarin. J Enz Inhibit Med Chem 2006; 21(6):741-8. DOI: 10.1080/14756360600810340 39. Khan A, Gilani AH. Antispasmodic and bronchodilator activities of Artemisia vulgaris are mediated through dual blockade of muscarinic receptors and calcium influx. J Ethnopharmacol 2009; 126(3):480-6. DOI: 10.1016/j.jep.2009.09.010 40. Pires JM, Mendes FR, Negri G, Almeida DJM

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Adrian Man, Andrei Şerban Gâz, Anca Delia Mare and Lavinia Berţa

. Determination of the Antibacterial Efficacy of Common Chemical Agents in Cleaning and Disinfection in Hospitals of North Jordan. Am J Appl Sci. 2009 May 31;6(5):811-5. DOI: 10.3844/ ajassp.2009.811.815 11. Mazzola PG, Jozala AF, Novaes LC de L, Moriel P, Penna TCV. Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) determination of disinfectant and/or sterilizing agents. Braz J Pharm Sci. 2009 Jun;45(2):241-8. DOI: 10.1590/S1984