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Manohar Navin Chandran, Arumugampillai Manimehalai Suganya, Grasian Immanuel and Arunachalam Palavesam

-45. Ninawe, A.S., Selvin, J. (2009): Probiotics in shrimp aquaculture: Avenues and challenges. Critical Reviews in Microbiology, 35, 1, 43-66. Ochoa-Solano, L. J., Olmos-Soto, J. (2006): The functional property of Bacillus for shrimps feeds. Food Microbiology, 23, 519-525. Parry, R.M., Chandan, R.C., Shahani, K.M. (1965): A rapid and sensitive assay of muramidase. Proceedings for the Society of Experimental Biology and Medicine, 119, 384-386. Reid, G. (2008): Probiotics and prebiotics - progress and challenges. International

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Djamila Maanani, Narimane Segueni, Salah Rhouati, Yavuz Selim Çakmak, Maltem Asan-Ozusaglam, Abdghani May, Amar Zellagui and Salah Akkal

.; Georges, M.; Hamada, H., Isoflavone and triterpenoid isolated from an endemic plant Genistamicrocephala Coss&Dur, J Pharm & Pharmacogn Res., 2015 , 3 (1), 1-5. [12]. Lograda, T.; Ramdani, M.; Fegueredo, G.; Chalchat, J.C.; Chalarad, P., Essential oil composition and antimicrobial of Genistamicrocephala Coss. Et Dur, Int J Med Arom Plants., 2012 , 2 (1), 75-79. [13]. Edrah, S.M.; Alafid, F.; Imramovský, A.; Altwair, K.; Alkhumsi, S.I.; Hrdina R., Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of Genistamicrocephala and Rosmarinus officinalis

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Zheni Nanova, Asya Dragoeva, Vanya Koleva, Nesho Chipev, Borislav Georgiev, Irina Yotova and Milen Ivanov

.; Kaloo, Z. A.; Sultan, P., Medicinal importance of Genus Origanum – A review, International Journal of Advanced Research . 2013 , 1(8), 75-84. [14]. Chawla, S.; Thakur, M., Overview of Mint ( Mentha L.) as a promising health-promoting herb. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Rasearch and Development . 2013 , 5(06), 073-080. [15]. Rasooli I.; Mirmostafa, S. A., Antibacterial properties of Thymus pubescens and Thymus serpyllum essential oils, Fitoterapia . 2002 , 73(3), 244-50. [16]. Mimica-Dukic, N.; Bozin, B.; Sokovic, M

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Imen Laib, Fairouz Boubrik and Malika Barkat

Refernces [1]. Djermoun, A., La production céréalière en Algérie : les principales caractéristiques, Revue Nature et Technologie, 2009 , 1 , 45-53 [2]. Scariot M. A.; Radünz,L.L.; Dionello, R.G.; Toni, J.R.; Mossi, A.J.; Reichert Júnior, F.W.,Quality of wheat grains harvested with different moisture contents and stored in hermetic and conventional system., Journal of Stored Products Research, 2018 , 75 , 29-34 [3]. Kibar, H., Influence of storage conditions on the properties of wheat varieties, Journal of Stored Products Research

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Saber Boutellaa, Amar Zellagui, Mehmet Öztürk, Chawki Bensouici, Özge Tokul Ölmez, Mouna Menakh and Mehmet Emin Duru

.; Rastogi S.; Rawat, A.K.S., Phenolic content and antioxidant properties of selected Indian spies of Apiaceae, J. Herbs Spices Med. Plants, 2012 , 18 , 246-256. [34] Upadhyay R.; Mohan Rao, L., An outlook on chlorogenic acidsoccurrence, chemistry, technology, and biological activities, Crit. Rev. Food Sci. Nutr. 2013 , 53 , 968–984. [35] Farah, A.; De Paulis, T.; Trugo L. C.; Martin, P. R., Effect of roasting on the formation of chlorogenic acid lactones in coffee, J. Agric. Food Chem. 2005 , 53 , 1505-1513. [36] Robinson, W. E.; Reinecke, M