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Voropaeva Nadezda Leonidovna, Viktor Mikhailovich Mukhin, Revina Alexandra Anatolyevna, Busev Sergey Alekseevich and Karpachev Vladimir Vladimirovich

-218. [5] Pat. 2008047275 WO, IPC 8A01G 9/16. Device for plant growth / Loeb lHans-Peter, Jacobs Joseph Hendrik Anna Maria, Budde Wolfgang Otto. - The applicant Philips Intellectual Property & Standards Gmbh; Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.; / Loebl Hans-Peter, Jacobs Joseph Hendrik Anna Maria, Budde Wolfgang Otto. – No. EP 06122555; appl. 19.10.2006; publ. 24.04.2008. [6] Ekogel – an effective growth stimulator with fungicidal properties // Greenhouses of Russia. - 2009. - N 1. – p. 35 - (Biology: All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information

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Marianna Hundáková, Marta Valášková, Magda Samlíková and Erich Pazdziora

References [1] BRIGATTI, M. F., GALAN, E., THENG, B. K. G. Structures and mineralogy of clay minerals. In: Bergaya F., Theng B.K.G. and Lagaly G. (Eds.), Handbook of Clay Science, Elsevier, Oxford, 2006, pp. 19-86. [2] LI, B., YU, S., HWANG, J. Y., SHI, S. Antibacterial Vermiculite Nano-Material. Journal of Minerals and Materials Characterization and Engineering. 2002, I, pp. 61-68. [3] DRELICH, J., LI, B., BOWEN, P., HWANG, J.-Y., MILLS, O., HOFFMANN, D. Vermiculite decorated with copper nanoparticles: Novel

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Clemente Wong, Heng Tam, Siti Alias, Marcelo González, Gerardo González-Rocha and Mariana Domínguez-Yévenes

C. G., Peissl K. and Jendrach M. 1996. Cryptoendolithic microorganisms from Antarctic sandstone of Linnaeus Terrace Asgard Range: diversity, properties and interactions. Biodiversity and Conservation 5: 1337-1363. Sutherland R., Boon R. J., Griffin K. E., Masters P. A., Slocombe B. and White A. R. 1985. Antibacterial activity of mupirocin (pseudomonic acid), a new antibiotic for topical use. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 27: 495-498. Tittsler R. P. and Sandholzer L. A. 1936. The use of semi-solid agar

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Sylwia Śliwińska and Adam Latała

a potent and specific inhibitor of protein phosphatases 1 and 2A from both mammals and higher plants. FEBS Lett., 264, 187-192 Molisch H. (1937) Der Einfluss einer Pflanze auf die andere - Allelopathie. Fischer, Jena Noaman, N.H., A. Fattah, M. Khaleafa, S.H. Zaky (2004) Factors affecting antimicrobial activity of Synechococcus leopoliensis. Microbiological Research, 159, 395-402 Østensvik, O., O.M. Skulberg, B. Underdal, V. Hormazabal (1998) Antibacterial properties of extracts from selected planktonic freshwater cyanobacteria

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Mayyada Farhan Darwees

REFERENCES A hmad A. A., D arweesh M. A. & A hmad A. M. 2017. The Antibacterial of Essential Fatty Acid Semicarbazide Extracted from Flaxseed Oil Against Some Nosocomial Infection Bacteria in Iraq. IJCPR; 8(1) January-February: 31-39. A l -H asnawi A. A. 2014. Comparison of biochemical tests, Api system, Vitek 2 system and PCR of the enteropathogenic bacteria isolated from children with persistent diarrhea. And the occurrence of virulence factors and antibiotic resistance in the isolates.Master Thesis. Faculty of Science, University of Kufa