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Modinah A.O. Abdul Raheem, Faoziyat A. Sulaiman, Halimat A. Abdulrahim, Olatunde Ahmed, Kamil O. Yusuf, Abdulrahman A. Mukadam, Latifat O. Ganiyu, Lateef A. Kamilu, Khadijat B. Oladepo, Grace O. Alimi, Daniel Afolayan and Taiwo Odeniran

evaluation of medicinal plant antimicrobial activity. Lett. Appl. Microbiol. 30 , 379-384. Oladiji, A.T., Shoremekun, K.L. and Yakubu, M.T., 2009. Physicochemical properties of the oil from the fruit of Blighia sapida and toxicological evaluation of the oil-based diet in Wistar rats. Journal of medicinal food , 12(5), 1127-1135. Olaleye, M. T., 2007. Cytotoxic and Antibacterial activity of methanolic extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research . 1 (1), 9-13 Pramyothin, P., Samosorn, P., Poungshompoo, S. and Chaichantipyuth

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Oladipupo R. Akolade, Alaribe S. Chinwe, Balogun T. Olalekan, Akere T. Halima, Ayanda A. Fatima, Toye T. Emuejevoke and Coke A.B. Herbert

, M., Toure, A., Ouattara, K. and Coulibaly, A., 2015. Phytochemical Composition, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Root of Uvaria chamae P. Beauv. (Annonaceae) used in Treatment of Dysentery in North of Côte d’Ivoire. Int. J. Pharmacog. Phytochem. Res ., 7 (6), 1047-1053 Moses, O.S., Olowu, R.A., Noura S.D. and William, N.S., 2013. 1-Nitro- 2-phenylethane dominates the chemical composition of the leaf essential oil of Uvaria chamae from Badagry, Nigeria. Am. J. Essential Oils Nat. Prod ., 1 (1), 48-50 OECD, 2008. Guidelines for the

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Anthony M. Ugbenyen, John J. Simonis and Albertus K. Basson

., Chalkiadakis, E., Fauchon, M., Deslandes, E., Kerjean, V., Chanteau, S., Petit, E., Guezennec, J., and Dupont-Rouzeyrol, M., 2013. Isolation and partial characterization fbacteria ( Pseudoalteromonas sp.) with potential antibacterial activity from a marine costal environment from New Caledonia. Lett. Appl. Microbiol ., 58 , 102-108. Fenical, W., 1993. Chemical studies of marine bacteria: developing a new resource. Chem. Rev . 93 , 1673–1683. Fenical, W., Baden, D., Burg, M., de Goyet, C.V., Grimes, J.D., Katz, M., Marcus, N.H., Pomponi, S., Rhines, P

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Kome Otokunefor, Victor Ogechi Osogho and Chijindu Precious Nwankwo

-lactamase Producing Staphylococci from Wounds and Burns Patients. Pak J Biol Sci., 17(1), 130-133. Orhue, P.O., Okoebor, F.O., and Momoh, M.A., 2017. Pre and Post Plasmid Curing Effect on Pseudomonas aeruginosa Susceptibility to Antibiotics. Am J Curr Microb., 5(1), 33-41. Otokunefor, K., Agbude, P., and Otokunefor, T.V., 2018. Non-Clinical Isolates as Potential Reservoirs of Antibiotic Resistance in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Pan Afr Med J., 30, 167. Rains, C.P., Bryson, H.M., and Peters, D.H., 1995. Ceftazidime. An update of its antibacterial activity

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Mayyada Farhan Darwees

REFERENCES A hmad A. A., D arweesh M. A. & A hmad A. M. 2017. The Antibacterial of Essential Fatty Acid Semicarbazide Extracted from Flaxseed Oil Against Some Nosocomial Infection Bacteria in Iraq. IJCPR; 8(1) January-February: 31-39. A l -H asnawi A. A. 2014. Comparison of biochemical tests, Api system, Vitek 2 system and PCR of the enteropathogenic bacteria isolated from children with persistent diarrhea. And the occurrence of virulence factors and antibiotic resistance in the isolates.Master Thesis. Faculty of Science, University of Kufa